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Fellow Scribbler Evicted

Keith and I started our careers with Blackthorne Comics back in the early eighties. Any assistance would be much appreciated… Struggling artist is evicted after complaining about living conditions at his Altadena home

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You Want Freedom Fries With That?

Isn’t it nice to see we are getting back together with our first partner? It’s been a tumultuous relationship over the years. One day we’re telling nasty jokes about her and the next day we’re making smoochy in public.

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The Wormhole Turns

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Sammie’s Friends

Here’s hoping that Sammie’s Friends can continue to offer their services to the needy pets of Nevada County. There’s a lot of heart in those volunteers!

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Recipe For Disaster

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Abandon All Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here

Just received word that this new volume of craziness has been released from the asylum. I didn’t make the cover, but have a few memories included from “those good ol’ daze.” (UPDATE: Jon informs me that the book is still … Continue reading

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What Would A Moby Dick Do?

Congratulations to my fellow worker bees at The Union for garnering sixteen California News Publishers Association awards for journalism, including 1st place awards for general excellence, feature story, and editorial comment. (I was a finalist for an NID cartoon.) We … Continue reading

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INEPT Vs. INSANE: I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Enthusiastic (UPDATED: 4/14/18)

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Wonders Never Cease!

For the first time in many full moons, there shall be an election in Nevada City with more candidates than open seats!

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The Eyes Have It

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