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A Lucky Break

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Another Day Of Conflicting Realities

Today should be big victory for the Trump administration, and with good reason. After years of getting fleeced in the trade deal known as SHAFTA…er, I mean NAFTA, the U.S. is finally on its way to an equitable compromise benefiting … Continue reading

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John McCain

I believe this was the only John McCain cartoon I did that ever saw print. From The San Francisco Examiner February 22, 2000. You led an amazing life, Senator. You’ve earned your rest.

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Another Bold Innovation From Sacramento

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Pecker Flips On Trump

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Looking For A Safe Space

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We’ll Keep Paying

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Different Strokes

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Needling Trump

Another in a long list of cruel portrayals of a misunderstood saintly president by a heartless cartoonist. When, oh when, will this travesty end?

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QUber Alles

Okay…Listen up, kids…I may not have much time before “certain powers” locate this earthshaking report and wipe it off the Interweb. Some of you will understand and do a quick printout before the Great Plug is violently pulled from the … Continue reading

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