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The Daily Idiot – Episode Two


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The Daily Idiot – Episode One

Can You Dig It?Back in 2008, The Village Idiot appeared Monday through Friday in The Union. I recently “dug” a few stories out for your enjoyment. Episode two tomorrow.

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks. We lost Peggy Levine, Danny Brooks and another round of deranged gunman victims. Sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate what you still have.

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Here Come De Judge

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At Least They Haven’t Connected Him To ISIS (yet)

This is what happens when you win the Pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning, like Sac Bee cartoonist Jack Ohman. You get bigger fan mail.

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The Harvest Aroma

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Terry Dean Pittsford, we apologize for taking so long to return you to the Pacific womb of the world. You’ve been patiently waiting in the spare bedroom since you left us Easter Sunday, 2016. We had several setbacks in the … Continue reading

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Cracking Up

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Getting Your House In Order

For the last several decades, I’ve watched as local and state politicians (and to be fair, their NIMBY constituents) piled on with more and more demands on the housing industry. Now that it has become a crisis, they fumble their … Continue reading

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That’s Gotta Hurt!

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