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Arthur Mommi was a legend in the Nevada County music scene of the nineteen sixties and seventies. I first met him when we were seated next to each other in the baritone section of the high school band. He was … Continue reading

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In Defense Of Whiteness

I’ve noticed that in many posts and articles scattered around the internet, “white men” are regularly singled out as the source of all evil on Planet Earth. Being a white man myself, (and harboring the added baggage of being an … Continue reading

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My Life With The Squirrels – Conclusion

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My Life With The Squirrels – Part Three

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My Life With The Squirrels – Part Two

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My Life With The Squirrels – Part One

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Invisible Woman Bares All

This piece was the brainchild of David Wilson of Ready Made Rubber in Downieville. I used to do many designs for his rubber stamps in the eighties and nineties.

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This was the cover art (front and back) for the 16 to 1 Mine’s 1998 stockholder report. One of the last operating mines in the Gold Country, the 16to1 has weathered many a regulatory storm and is always on the … Continue reading

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Potential POTUS’s

I did this cartoon back in 2007. At that time everyone thought Hillary was a sure bet to succeed George W., but then that upstart Obama came along and screwed up my timeline. Nevertheless, HRC is expected to run again … Continue reading

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My People

If anyone still wonders why I am the way I am, this video should clear up any misconceptions…

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