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Have A Great Laborious Weekend

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My First Trump Toon

Does anyone remember the Reform Party? “Moe” finally got the nomination, but it was “Larry” Trump’s initial foray into presidential politics…

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Courting Favor

While digging through the archives in preparation for my upcoming gallery show, I found a few old gems from the 20th Century. This was my first comic that featured the Nevada County Courthouse. Although undated, I believe it ran in … Continue reading

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Diary Of A Teenage Girl

We went to see the movie adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic autobio, Diary of a Teenage Girl today. It’s a wonderful film, although it may be a bit too revealing for some. Phoebe grew up in San Francisco in the … Continue reading

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Jack Kirby

Back in the waning days of 1963, I was looking over the comics selection at Williams’ Stationary in Grass Valley. I hadn’t been keeping up with comic books much, the DC brand was too juvenile for my 12 year old … Continue reading

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Sexist Pigs 4 Trump

Wonder what her pet cause would be? Maybe clothing for underdressed supermodels?

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Podunk Report

While making my daily rounds of Nevada County Voices, I noticed that my former editor over at Sierra Foothill Report took a swipe at me today. I usually try to avoid “Scoopy” and his snarky attitude, but if he’s going … Continue reading

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Up In The Sky!…It’s A Bird!…It’s A Plane!…It’s A….?

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