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The Epidemic

Scared of the weather, scared of the movie, scared of the black kid, scared of the cops, scared of the disease…The epidemic that will infect us all! board up the windows! Bolt the door!                                                                                                                                                             

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The Inner View

Recent developments in the ongoing war of words between blogger Kim Jff Pun and conservative opponents reached a new level of butt stupid this week. The feud, which has been festering for almost five years, pits the benevolent leader of … Continue reading

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At least They Didn’t Put Him In A Head Lock

While cruising around the net, I found this Robert Crumb drawing of San Francisco journalist-raconteur Warren Hinckle. It portrays Warren’s 1985 bust for walking his dog, Bentley, without a license, but it was really about his scathing columns in the … Continue reading

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After The Deluge

We spent most of this week preparing for the Storm of the Century. Our house is on a low, flood-prone stretch of Wolf Creek, and we’ve lost yard furniture and garbage cans in past years. Fortunately, the worst of the … Continue reading

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The Optimist

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$upport Your Local Cartoonist (Updated 12/11 & 12/13)

            I’m going to be hawking my wares at HAVEN DOWNTOWN in Nevada City on Wednesdays & Sundays during Victorian Christmas. (Haven is downstairs, under Abstrakt & the Gray Goose on Broad Street.) I’ll have … Continue reading

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Mideast Madness

A flashback to my furry funny animal days- Tales of the Jackalope #3 (1986) “Ajackalopes Now!” featuring the Ayatollah Kockamammie, Khadafy Duck, and Yassa Arabcat. I did my covers way ahead of the books (for promo purposes) and Yassa got … Continue reading

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The Fur Flies

Some of you may have noticed an item in the news concerning the “Furries” or to be more specific, the gassing of conventioneers at the Midwest Furfest in Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago. Some terrorist popped open a cannister containing … Continue reading

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Idiotorial 12/5/14

Stupidity is nothing new. The human race started out stupid. It was only through the painful lessons of trial and error that our species managed to evolve into our present state, which obviously still has a long way to go. … Continue reading

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A Different Kind Of Christmas Card

While going through my old Christmas cards I came upon this classic from my old friends, Don Donahue and Dori Seda. It’s especially memorable because of that glowing Godzilla on top of the tree. I remember seeing it at their … Continue reading

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