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Warren Hinckle

Word has it that Warren Hinckle has gone to that Big Newsroom In The Sky. The only surprising thing is that he managed to live to the over-ripe age of 77, given his fondness for strong drink and his proclivity … Continue reading

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General Quarters

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The Penny Ante Republican by Dan O’Neill

Occasionally, people will ask me if cartoonist Dan O’Neill is still alive and doing comics. The answer is yes, if there is a war to be fought, and Nevada County’s cannabis conflict has inspired Dan to emerge from his bunker … Continue reading

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Planet Of The Bears

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Twit On The Run!!!

I’m gonna get serious now and talk policy and stuff and you should just forget all that crazy shit I said before. It never happened…well, except for Ted Cruz’s dad and Lee Oswald. (Wink Wink!)

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Heads up to those who are interested. I’ll be the interviewee on Joyce Miller’s “Sages Among Us” show on KVMR this Wednesday, August 17 from 6:30pm to 7. We’ll be talking about my years as an editorial cartoonist in Nevada … Continue reading

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New Employment Opportunity

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BUSTED! (Updated 8/15)

If you happen to be around downtown Nevada City tomorrow, stop by and check out this bust of yers truly by artist extraordinaire Miriam Morris. She’ll be unveiling this sculpture around 9am at Calanan Park and I’ll be there around … Continue reading

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Garden of Eatin’

It was a weird year for gardening here at Crabb Hollow. With Mary Ann in the hospital for most of May and June and me commuting to Carmichael every other day, there wasn’t much time for tending the veggies. Even … Continue reading

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Your Name Is Mud

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