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Leg Of Big Foot

Took a quick trip to the north state last week. Stopped at my favorite tourist trap to pick up the latest gimcracks, knick knacks, and do-dads.

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Boycott This!!!

I’m so fed up with these partisan hissy fits that I’m ordering an IN-N-OUT cheeseburger combo and eating it while I take a knee at a 49ers game!!!

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Another Day Of Conflicting Realities

Today should be big victory for the Trump administration, and with good reason. After years of getting fleeced in the trade deal known as SHAFTA…er, I mean NAFTA, the U.S. is finally on its way to an equitable compromise benefiting … Continue reading

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Nothing Set In Stone

I watched last night’s Nevada City City Council meeting with the apprehension one might have witnessing a public execution. The condemned was the proposed statue honoring Senator Aaron Sargent and his wife, Ellen, both involved in the birthing of the … Continue reading

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Welcome To Somebody Else’s Neighborhood

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One More Summer Night

Yes, I know it’s too hot to do much of anything, but after the sun goes down, there is usually a little breeze coming down the Broad Street Canyon and it is actually quite pleasant. Come on down and get … Continue reading

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The Fire Down Below

Every day, the hate thermometer moves up another few degrees. And of course, it’s always the other side’s fault. There is no reconciliation, only blame. The Trumpists (they can no longer lay claim to the Republican label) are determined to … Continue reading

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Winnie The Pootin

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Above The Fruited Plain

I find it very annoying that you can grow citrus fruit thirty miles down the hill but not up here in the boonies above 2000 feet. Call it plant envy, but if there’s an upside to a warming climate, it’s … Continue reading

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The New Equality

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