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Burning Questions

This cartoon from 2003 illustrates the major obstacle in managing the wild lands of the west. The bodies are still being counted, the fires are still burning, and the “experts” are arguing what to do next.

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Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

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Ghosts Of Oustomah

Oustomah was one of fourteen Nisenan villages that occupied the present site of Nevada City. They lived and hunted there in relative peace until the discovery of gold. It must have seemed like the world had gone insane when thousands … Continue reading

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Democratic Socialism In The Real World

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Fill ‘Er Up

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Trick or Treat

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Falling Back An Hour Is Not Enough

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The New Grrrl Order

Equal rights? Yes. Equal compensation? Of course. Equal justice? Absolutely. Equal intolerance? Not really a good strategy. I applaud women standing up for themselves. #MeToo was long overdue. But will the anger rally the righteous to victory, or recharge the … Continue reading

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Let Us Prey

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