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Paper Currency

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Sometimes It’s Hard To Tell The Difference

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Happy Friday Franksgiving

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A Sad Reminder

To me, the saddest aspect of 2016 has been the reemergence of fascism in this nation. My father, uncles and hundreds of thousands of their generation put their lives on the line to rid the world of these shit eating … Continue reading

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Kate McKinnon 4 Prez -2020

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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has departed this physical plane, but he left us with beautiful music…

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The Biggest F*ck You

I don’t always see eye to eye with Michael Moore, but he nails this one. While liberals berate their neighbors as sexists and racists, this video explains the real reason Trump resonates with so many in this screwy election year.

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Season Of The Skunk

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Ballad of a Thin Man

Congratulations to Bobby D. for his much deserved Nobel Prize.

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The Meal Ticket

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