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When Cultures Collide

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Inept or Insane? You Be The Judge

So now come the veiled threats to unleash the cops, the military, and the bikers upon the Enemies of the Republic. Some of these wannabe cowboy vigilantes are developing itchy trigger fingers, egged on by the fucking President of the … Continue reading

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Auntie Vax

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St. Piran’s Day 2019

Grass Valley celebrates its Cornish heritage this day at city hall. There will be songs, gongs, and a food fight, as representatives of the twin cities vie for bragging rights at the annual pasty toss. The pasties will then be … Continue reading

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A Star Is Born

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Cartoonist Milton Knight Assaulted

Of course, racism in America is overblown, according to the right wingers. Right… Animation Artist Milton Knight Victim of Hate Crime Assault

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History Retreats Itself

Someone on Facebook posted this old comic strip I did for the Yolo County tabloid, Winds of Change back in those crazy days of 1984. I replaced noted underground icon Robert Crumb, who did the masthead and contributed illustrations and … Continue reading

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Accessories For The Enlightened

(Right wing model also available. Trucks only.)

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The Blind Leading The Blinded

There aren’t many people in today’s world who remember what life was like in the days of mass epidemics like influenza, whooping cough, or the scourge of polio. Yes, many of us survived childhood diseases like chicken pox and measles, … Continue reading

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