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Earth Day 2017

I’ve tried to maintain a neutral stand on the whole climate debate. Oh, I agree that the planet is warmer than it used to be. Having spent most of my life in this area, I’ve seen the changes with my … Continue reading

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Nobody Ever Said (It Was Gonna Be Easy) – Carrie Nation

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The Last Affordable House In California

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The Half-blind Leading The Half-blind

This has become a recurring theme in my cartoons for the last twenty years, and sadly, the disease of ideological myopia has only become worse. I see that this latest entry is already being mocked over at Rebane’s Ruminations. I’m … Continue reading

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Our Traditional Fake News Day

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The Silver (and Black) State

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The Wrath Of Leprechaun

Somewhere, I still have some worthless stocks my dad was conned into buying a half century ago.

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Livin’ La Vida Logo

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Through Time & Back Again

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