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2016 Merry Widow Gazette Is Out!

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Bizarro World

In the Bizarro World, cheap gas is a bad thing…

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The Royal Flush

There’s been a lot of chatter on social media since Sheriff Keith Royal and the Board of Stuporvisors railroaded a draconian approach to the invasive marijuana culture onto the June ballot. Hundreds of amateur pharmacists have seen their livelihood threatened, … Continue reading

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A Nevada County Family Tradition

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Cover I did for Goldmine Magazine, featuring David Bowie as the Diamond Dog. I wore that album out. We’ll miss you, Ziggy.

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Happy New Year!

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George Clayton Johnson

There is a community of kindred spirits who congregate every year at the San Diego Comic Con. I joined back in 1982, when the con was still a relatively minor cultural phenomenon, and was immediately accepted into the ranks of … Continue reading

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Christmas 2015

My favorite Christmas cartoon, from 2001. The nation was still reeling from 9/11, and everyone knew that life would never be the same. Still, here in our little community life went on, but with a heightened sense of our mortality. … Continue reading

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Hotel Nirvana Silly

The city council has legitimized AIRBNB type lodging in the city limits. It remains to be seen what regulations will govern the new innkeepers. Nevada City Neighbors, the group headed by former city councilette and planning commissioner Laurie Oberholzer, will … Continue reading

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