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Half A Carrot

I drew this cartoon sometime shortly before 9/11. It was apparent to me then that there was a growing divide between the American left and right. The chasm between them has only grown since then, to the point where it … Continue reading

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Thinking Of Downsizing?

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Appetite For Appropriation

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That’s Not Funny

Kathy Griffin is a professional entertainer, a comedian by trade. She’s been in show biz for at least twenty years, and you’d think she might have some idea about what is or is not funny. I know. I’ve made my … Continue reading

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Kathy Griffin

“Comedy is not pretty”   –Steve Martin Just a friendly reminder that president shaming is a bi-partisan sport. Kathy Griffin is only the latest casualty in the war on civility. She’s no babe in the woods. She intended for her image … Continue reading

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Open For Business

You know there are some people who would pull over…

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If You Order Now, We’ll DOUBLE The Offer…

It was inevitable, really. Of course, now we’ll all have to start using the Trumps to hawk our wares…

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Appreciating The Expletive (Be Forewarned)

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Clouds On The Eastern Front

Attorney-Generalissimo Jeff Sessions has promised to upend the lax drug policies of the last administration. It remains to be seen how he will handle the states that have voted to legalize recreational cannabis.

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The California Legislature is considering lifting a ban on communists holding office in the Golden State. Considering that officeholders are required to uphold the state and federal constitution, it would seem that there could be a conflict of interest there…

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