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Is It Real, Or Is It Photoshop? (updated)

    The internet has gone bonkers over the Kardashian photo shoot. Here is one of the more tasteful versions. I think I’ll pass on the stuffing, though!!!

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I Yam What I Yam

We cartoonists tend to be an unpredictable lot. People love us or hate us; it goes with the territory. We are not oblivious to our faults, as E. Segar notes here in this panel from Thimble Theater sometime in the … Continue reading

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Another Opportunity Up in Smoke

According to comments on Facebook, the proposed pot grower sitcom, Grass Valley, will not be called Grass Valley and will not be set in Nevada County, to the relief of some and the dismay of others. We have tuned in, … Continue reading

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Sugar Magnolia

Back in the nineties, Kitchen Sink Press made a deal with the Grateful Dead to produce a color comic book chronicling their music and adventures. It seemed like a natural fit, given that Dead art was a big part of … Continue reading

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Brit Journalism 101

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Trees Again

Duplex Planet is a magazine consisting of stories from the residents of nursing homes in New York state transcribed by David Greenberger. Some of the stories are whimsical, some are sad, all are a glimpse into a world that is … Continue reading

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The “S” Mess

There’s a lot of friction in Nevada County this fall, and it all revolves around the medical marijuana (MMJ) initiative (Measure “S”) on the November ballot. You would think that after eighteen years most of the bugs would have been … Continue reading

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Nirvana City (Silly To Some)

Here’s a take on Nevada City I did a few years ago. Not much has changed, except I don’t think there are any Republicans left in the city limits…

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The Dan O’Neill Method

After I did this cartoon, O’Neill told me to stop drawing him. Ha! If he is going to go around teaching people to do this kind of subversive shit, it is only natural that his creations will turn the tables. … Continue reading

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