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Getting Weird In Winters

Last week, we took a long leisurely drive down the back roads of the Central Valley to Winters, where we were treated to a presentation on The Book Of Weirdo by author/historian Jon B. Cooke. Robert and Aline Crumb spent … Continue reading

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The End Of The Rainbow

Governor Newsom raised the rainbow flag over the state capitol for the June LGBT Pride celebration. Meanwhile, Presidunce Donald ordered that no such flag would be allowed on any¬† U.S. embassy. I’m sure he’d do more if he could.

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Just Another Reminder

Kudos to Governor Newsom for reminding us Californians that our heritage is much more than wine, gold, and movies. (See link in comments.)

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Lash, Don’t Splash

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Winters Is Coming

I’m planning on attending this little shindig, if for no other reason, to shake the hand of Mr. Jon Cooke, who put this massive historical treasure together. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop in and say “hey!”

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The Cloud

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Sweet Womb Alabama

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WHO knew?

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