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You Can’t Get There From Here

Mayor David (Sparky) Parker recently posted an update on the status of the gate blocking Duffy’s Alley in Nevada City on his Facebook page. The owners of the Golden Era bar property originally sought a temporary closing of the alley … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective

On this Martin Luther King Day, we sometimes need to look beyond skin color, ideology, and sound bites to remember that Dr. King advised us to not judge by the color of skin, but the content of character.

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A Disturbing Trend

Newly installed Sheriff Shannan Moon will have her hands full, if the trend toward local criminality continues. It will also be worth watching how the state’s effort to empty jails and prisons will affect the numbers. Nevada County’s police blotter, … Continue reading

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Culture Wars: Episode 2019

As the rebel stronghold of California enters the Newsom era, Progressives watch with anticipation to see if the young warrior can live up to his hype. Stay tuned…

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Hello, Nineteen

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Goodbye, Eighteen…

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…

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Nature’s Weedeaters

Nevada City has started a “Goat Fund Me” site to raise money for this natural solution to flammable foliage control. We can only hope they don’t get carried away, given NC’s reputation as a Marijuana Mecca.

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Musical Interlewd

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Humanity 101

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