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Product Endorsement

People often ask me, “Bob, how do you maintain that bat shit crazy attitude?” Well, folks, it’s because I always start off my day with a heaping bowl of organic BAT GUANO, freshly harvested from the bowels of the Skeptic … Continue reading

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Descent into the Caldera

Every year, Mary Ann and I pack our swimming suits and head west to the Calistoga Spa, located in the caldera of an ancient volcano. The mineral pools are the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of soaking my bones … Continue reading

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Lunch in Roseville

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Revenge Of The Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving all, and don’t let your eyes consume more than your tummy can handle.

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Beware Of Bears

There has been a dramatic increase in bear molestations this fall, as the beasts desperately seek enough food to sustain themselves through the coming winter. Please remember to store all munchies in a secure area, and don’t leave food in … Continue reading

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Free The Hands!

Bartenders all over the state of California are clapping today, and it is the crisp clap of bare hands rather than the muffled slapping sound of rubber on rubber. That’s right, the omnipotent legislature has repealed the law they hastily … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung!

Winter, if you could call it that, has departed for another year. With any luck we’ll get some more rain and limp through the growing season. Looking forward to the return of the Farmer’s Markets. Enjoy the green fields while … Continue reading

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Too Much Truth In Advertising

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U R What U Eat

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Some people spend their weekends cutting each other with sharp invective and bitter insults, but Real Men are out there on the front lines cutting up trees. As I mentioned in my last post, a huge cottonwood fell on my … Continue reading

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