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St. Piran’s Day 2019

Grass Valley celebrates its Cornish heritage this day at city hall. There will be songs, gongs, and a food fight, as representatives of the twin cities vie for bragging rights at the annual pasty toss. The pasties will then be … Continue reading

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Burger Binge

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Turkey With All The Trimmings

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Boycott This!!!

I’m so fed up with these partisan hissy fits that I’m ordering an IN-N-OUT cheeseburger combo and eating it while I take a knee at a 49ers game!!!

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Washington BBQ

And speaking of shirts, here’s the design for the annual Washington Fire & Rescue Chicken BBQ Saturday, August 4 from noon to whenever they run out of chickens. Cock-a-doodle-do!!!

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Above The Fruited Plain

I find it very annoying that you can grow citrus fruit thirty miles down the hill but not up here in the boonies above 2000 feet. Call it plant envy, but if there’s an upside to a warming climate, it’s … Continue reading

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Anthony Bourdain 1956 – 2018

Tony Bourdain took us out to dinner in some very unlikely places. He made strange foods, customs and peoples more familiar to us couch potatoes. I’ll miss his sharp wit and incisive observations of life on our little planet. RIP

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