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Obituary For A Fallen Friend

Clovis (March 2000 – September 18, 2016) Alias Kittyman, Mr. Stripey, Tommy Tiger, Tom Drooley, Coco, Shorty, and a few other endearing nicknames. He was a survivor, and the best damn cat walking. He is missed terribly. RIP

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Don’t Be A Terrorist

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Welcome Home, Mary Ann!

The last two months have been quite the ordeal here at Crabb Hollow. It started in May when Mary Ann began complaining about a sore toe. By 5/13 it was causing her so much agony that we had to go … Continue reading

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I will be part of a multi-family yard sale ONE DAY ONLY, Saturday May 28, at the Croul residence, 421 Nevada Street, Nevada City. Some of the items for sale include costumes, clothing, power tools, knick knacks, appliances, one big … Continue reading

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Earth 2016

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No Laughing Matter

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Trippin’ With Paddy

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Beware The Ides Of March

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A New Character!

He’s coming from the deep woods, and once he attaches those claws to your back and does a hickey number on you, it’s curtains!!!

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