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Lights Out

(Drawn in the dark using a miner’s lamp.)

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U R What You Eat

There is so much plastic in the food chain that it’s being ingested all the way up to us. Recyclers are overwhelmed. Foreign countries can’t take anymore, so it just gets dumped into the environment. But the economy is booming! … Continue reading

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What Inflation?

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The Sky’s The Limit

We had a few good nights until that big moon got in the way.

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A Man’s Dome Is His Castle

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I’m Crushed

I thought she loved me for who I am ..*sob*… but no, she only likes me for my money…

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A Pain In The Asteroid

The spot market on gold is at $1442 today, but in space an ounce of gold is weightless.

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The 4th In Dutch Flat

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Listen To Your Uncle

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How High?

The Sierra snowpack is melting fast in the summer heat and many people are living outside, but not by choice.

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