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Up In The Sky!…It’s A Bird!…It’s A Plane!…It’s A….?

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Summer Fun

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Beat Your Meter

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Father’s Day

Marvin Wilson Crabb – born October 28, 1918, passed on August 25, 2004. Veteran of the Great Depression, European and Pacific theaters of war. Lifelong union man at Purity Stores. Father to RL and Bill.

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For some unfathomable reason, WordPress is refusing to download any new images onto my blog. I’m rather busy at the moment and unable to track the problem down, so I’ll be limited to mostly links and comments for a while. … Continue reading

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Foiled Again

Just finished this cel painting version of one of my more popular cartoons. I’ll be doing a bunch of these for my next show at The Center For The Arts in September.

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Defacing Public Property Dept.

A particularly barky dog has moved into the neighborhood, and I think our local felines have made it clear how they feel about the situation… (Note to self: Lock up your felt pens at night.)

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        Ten years, married. Twenty-one years, a couple. Fifty-eight years, since we met in the meadow behind her parents’ house. Together, for eternity.

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You Are What You Drink

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Dyslexic Fowl

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