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Never Vote For A Guy Named Napoleon

I found this story in the book, “Chief Justice: A Biography of Earl Warren” by Ed Cray, and from a conversation I had with a retired Nevada City policeman. He told me that everyone knew about the gambling dens, but … Continue reading

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One-Armed And Dangerous

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A Passing Thought

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Inept v. Insane 2018: WTF?!!!

Has the American Dream become the American Hallucination? Can there be any more compelling evidence that this nation has gone stark raving mad? As the Kavanaugh nomination inches closer to confirmation, the resistance among Democrats and the press has reached … Continue reading

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Ghost In The Slot Machine

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A Lucky Break

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Another Day Of Conflicting Realities

Today should be big victory for the Trump administration, and with good reason. After years of getting fleeced in the trade deal known as SHAFTA…er, I mean NAFTA, the U.S. is finally on its way to an equitable compromise benefiting … Continue reading

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John McCain

I believe this was the only John McCain cartoon I did that ever saw print. From The San Francisco Examiner February 22, 2000. You led an amazing life, Senator. You’ve earned your rest.

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Nothing Set In Stone

I watched last night’s Nevada City City Council meeting with the apprehension one might have witnessing a public execution. The condemned was the proposed statue honoring Senator Aaron Sargent and his wife, Ellen, both involved in the birthing of the … Continue reading

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The Warm Pond

When Mary Ann & I were on our honeymoon in 2005, we’d get up every morning and drive down to the warm pond to mingle with the fishes in the soothing volcanic water. Now I hear that it (and the … Continue reading

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