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At least They Didn’t Put Him In A Head Lock

While cruising around the net, I found this Robert Crumb drawing of San Francisco journalist-raconteur Warren Hinckle. It portrays Warren’s 1985 bust for walking his dog, Bentley, without a license, but it was really about his scathing columns in the … Continue reading

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Mideast Madness

A flashback to my furry funny animal days- Tales of the Jackalope #3 (1986) “Ajackalopes Now!” featuring the Ayatollah Kockamammie, Khadafy Duck, and Yassa Arabcat. I did my covers way ahead of the books (for promo purposes) and Yassa got … Continue reading

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A Different Kind Of Christmas Card

While going through my old Christmas cards I came upon this classic from my old friends, Don Donahue and Dori Seda. It’s especially memorable because of that glowing Godzilla on top of the tree. I remember seeing it at their … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving For The Time We Had

One year ago this week, Doc Halstead passed away in Penn Valley. He had been at our home for Thanksgiving just two days earlier. We spent the afternoon reminiscing about our years in Atlanta with the Carrie Nation band, and … Continue reading

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Nevada City News

Nevada City News was one of a long line of weekly newspapers that I cut my teeth on while learning the craft of cartooning. Editor Steve Cottrell commissioned this cover and several others, most of which have disappeared from my … Continue reading

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These darn comics have been getting me in trouble most of my life. It started in Catholic school, with Sister Mary Hillary slapping my knuckles for doodling on my homework. It continued during my stint with The Nevada City Independent, … Continue reading

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Water, Then And Now

My first comic strip, Junior Jackalope, was a regular feature in The Nevada City Independent in 1982. We not only had a comics page, it was a color comics page, something you didn’t see much in those days. The page … Continue reading

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The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

A little late for Veteran’s Day, but a beautiful, tragic indictment of war. In the great wars of the 20th Century, millions died, and today’s conflicts only number in the thousands. I suppose that’s progress, but we have so far … Continue reading

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Thank You!

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Old Grudges

Grass Valley politics tend to be on the boring side…well, most of the time. It’s always been cliquish, and very few have been able to break through the hometown hegemony. That is, until Dean Williams joined the council and appointed … Continue reading

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