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Last Call @ The National

Last Sunday was last call for the Coleman era at the National Hotel. We Shifters made one final shift to thank Tom for all the years of memories. Now the new owners have the herculean task of restoring the old … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change

Bill Mauldin – 1945

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Who’s The Loser Now?

RIP Dolores O’Riorden 1971 – 2018

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Inept vs. Insane 2018: Opening Shot

Welcome to 2018. Now that the dust has settled from the first year of the Trump presidency, it’s time to look ahead at what kind of year we can expect in the coming months. “The Great Divide” has shown no … Continue reading

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A Night On The Barbary Coast

(Photo: Jack Boulware) Much has been written about the demise of “old” San Francisco. Hardly a day goes by that we hear another favorite eatery or watering hole has gone the way of the dodo. And, of course, the loss … Continue reading

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Let’s Party

From the front page of today’s Chronicle. Looks like we’re going to have a good turn out at the Minna Gallery Monday night.

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Clipping The Eagle’s Wings

Abraham Lincoln once said “a house divided cannot stand.” In 2017, we say a wingless eagle is a dodo, soon to be extinct.

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Highway 174

Driving up Highway 174, I see that a group of trees next to Seven Cedars Drive have been marked for removal in Caltrans planned widening project. It’s an issue that hits home for me, because I used to live there … Continue reading

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To The Vets

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Going, Going, Gonzo

I’m about halfway through my advance copy of Warren Hinckle’s account of his experiences with Hunter Thompson over a period of thirty-five-odd years. Warren was the editor of the short-lived but highly acclaimed Scanlan’s, one of the first major counter … Continue reading

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