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And I Thought It was Tough Growing Up With My Name

He was survived by his son, Fook Yeu Too.

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Vote For Nun Of The Above!!!

Way, way back in the dark ages of the nineteen-nineties, I created a candidate to run in the presidential sweepstakes of 1996. The main players were Bill Clinton, Bob Dole and Ross Perot. I wasn’t particularly impressed with any of … Continue reading

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Constitution Day 2015

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Going Home(less)

If you’ve read my graphic autobiography, Scablands, you saw me driving off into the sunset in an old Dodge van, towing what would be my home, a cab-over camper mounted on a mobile truck bed. It was shortly before Christmas … Continue reading

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The Horn Toad

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My First Trump Toon

Does anyone remember the Reform Party? “Moe” finally got the nomination, but it was “Larry” Trump’s initial foray into presidential politics…

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Courting Favor

While digging through the archives in preparation for my upcoming gallery show, I found a few old gems from the 20th Century. This was my first comic that featured the Nevada County Courthouse. Although undated, I believe it ran in … Continue reading

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Jack Kirby

Back in the waning days of 1963, I was looking over the comics selection at Williams’ Stationary in Grass Valley. I hadn’t been keeping up with comic books much, the DC brand was too juvenile for my 12 year old … Continue reading

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Past Lives Matter

With the current feeding frenzy over the legacy of the confederate flag, it occurred to me that Nevada County has its own problem with the symbols of our history. The gold miner that proudly adorns our county seal is a … Continue reading

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Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999…That’s the year I made these predictions. I got a few things right. Privacy has been flushed down the low volume toilet. The only typewriters left are in museums along with pay phones in … Continue reading

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