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The Name Game

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Duffy’s Alley

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A Nevada County Family Tradition

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Sweet Sixteen

Two-thousand sixteen! It’s finally here, and it promises to be one of those “interesting times” the Chinese warned us about. Anyone who is half conscious knows that there is a notably different vibe this time around. The inmates are finally … Continue reading

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Cover I did for Goldmine Magazine, featuring David Bowie as the Diamond Dog. I wore that album out. We’ll miss you, Ziggy.

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The More Things Don’t Change…

From Harper’s Weekly, 1876. Drawing by A.B. Frost.

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I did this cartoon back in 2002. Pajamas are in fashion, if I can count sweat pants, rents have become astronomical, and Sparky and I have somehow avoided incarceration, but the year is young.

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George Clayton Johnson

There is a community of kindred spirits who congregate every year at the San Diego Comic Con. I joined back in 1982, when the con was still a relatively minor cultural phenomenon, and was immediately accepted into the ranks of … Continue reading

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Letter to California – Carrie Nation

This song was written in a two room cabin with no electricity in the Georgia wilderness. It was where Charlie Williams, Doc Halstead and I first resided when we moved to the State of Peaches in 1972. It was a … Continue reading

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Goodnight Farewell

Back when I was writing songs with the Carrie Nation band, there was no set rule to go by. Sometimes the musicians would come to me with a tune and I would fill in the lyrics. Other times I would … Continue reading

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