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I’m Offended

What is Freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.           -Salman Rushdie I have been involved in some very heated discussions since the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists on January 7, 2015. While there has … Continue reading

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Seeing Is Deceiving

The smoke from last week’s gunfire had barely dissipated before conspiracy theories began to bloom like magic mushrooms in a fresh cowpie. First, the unedited version of the now-famous scene of the terrorist killing the wounded policeman is making the … Continue reading

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Robert Wyckoff

I got a few emails  asking if I was going to the rally in San Francisco to remember the fallen Charlie Hebdo cartoonists this weekend. No, I didn’t make it. Instead, I attended a memorial service for another fallen newspaper … Continue reading

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The Problem With Laughter

With the terrorist attack in Paris that has claimed the lives of five cartoonists still fresh in the minds of the public, I’d like to take the opportunity to refresh our collective memory on this lowbrow profession. Yes, it is … Continue reading

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Status: Still Not Dead

Well, I survived my 64th. The wife says she still needs me, will still feed me, and she took me to see Hot Tuna at The Center For The Arts last evening. The Tuna is as hot as ever, and … Continue reading

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Sixty-Four? Hard To Believe!

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TCM Remembers

I don’t get TCM anymore, but I was happy to find their annual tribute to the film industry’s departed souls on Youtube. We never knew them, but many were as familiar as our closest friends…

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Another One Bites The Dust

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Looking Back @ Twenty-Fourteen

There were many more events and items of interest than I could fit in an eight panel cartoon. What would you pick as the top story of the year?

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At least They Didn’t Put Him In A Head Lock

While cruising around the net, I found this Robert Crumb drawing of San Francisco journalist-raconteur Warren Hinckle. It portrays Warren’s 1985 bust for walking his dog, Bentley, without a license, but it was really about his scathing columns in the … Continue reading

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