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Burning Questions

This cartoon from 2003 illustrates the major obstacle in managing the wild lands of the west. The bodies are still being counted, the fires are still burning, and the “experts” are arguing what to do next.

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Veteran’s Day 2018

To my dad and all my uncles…

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Armistice Day 2018

The World War I memorial in Grass Valley, CA.

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Ghosts Of Oustomah

Oustomah was one of fourteen Nisenan villages that occupied the present site of Nevada City. They lived and hunted there in relative peace until the discovery of gold. It must have seemed like the world had gone insane when thousands … Continue reading

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The Last Hurrah

Republicans love to complain about Governor Jerry, but he has a habit of confounding his own party at times. If they think he’s too liberal, just wait until the next generation of Democrats take over.

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Lost In The Jungle

I have voted in every election since 1974. I have voted for Democrats. I have voted for Republicans. I have voted for third parties and I have voted for candidates with no political affiliation. My current voting status is no … Continue reading

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From Rust To Riches

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Never Vote For A Guy Named Napoleon

I found this story in the book, “Chief Justice: A Biography of Earl Warren” by Ed Cray, and from a conversation I had with a retired Nevada City policeman. He told me that everyone knew about the gambling dens, but … Continue reading

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One-Armed And Dangerous

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