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The Waterboarding Begins

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Move over, Kellyanne

Where does he find these characters?

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When Masked Vigilantes Were Cool

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Thou Shalt Regulate Thy Bovine Flatulence

If the Presidonald follows through with his threat to cut EPA regulations in half, you can count on California politicians to double down on ours, more if possible. The war between the feds and the state is going to make … Continue reading

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Looking More Presidential Every Day…

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Parking Cartoon No. 3726

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You’ve Been Warned

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A City Full Of Holes

Giant Sinkhole Takes Over Side of Hill in Grass Valley

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Another Nugget

I recently received a few advance copies of this book I illustrated for the late Don Dickey, mining engineer and owner of the Oriental Mine in Alleghany, Sierra County. It is available for purchase at the Underground Gold Miners Museum. … Continue reading

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Mother Lodita – Fortuneteller

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