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Hotel Nirvana Silly

The city council has legitimized AIRBNB type lodging in the city limits. It remains to be seen what regulations will govern the new innkeepers. Nevada City Neighbors, the group headed by former city councilette and planning commissioner Laurie Oberholzer, will … Continue reading

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Letter to California – Carrie Nation

This song was written in a two room cabin with no electricity in the Georgia wilderness. It was where Charlie Williams, Doc Halstead and I first resided when we moved to the State of Peaches in 1972. It was a … Continue reading

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Goodnight Farewell

Back when I was writing songs with the Carrie Nation band, there was no set rule to go by. Sometimes the musicians would come to me with a tune and I would fill in the lyrics. Other times I would … Continue reading

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The War

A few days from now will mark the second anniversary of the passing of my good friend, Doc Halstead. Doc was the lead singer of the Carrie Nation band back in the nineteen seventies, but before that he served in … Continue reading

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Frances Allen

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Hole Foods

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They Weren’t Pontiacs Or Cherokees Either

Growing up in Nevada County in the fifties and sixties, we didn’t learn much about the people who lived here before us. Oh, we were taught about the Spanish missionaries and of course, the Gold Rush, but there was precious … Continue reading

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A Night To Remember

Last month the Nevada Theater celebrated it’s 150th year of operation. During that time the old brick building hosted luminaries from Mark Twain to Motley Crue. In 1979, it was my pleasure to promote this concert featuring my friends Mistress, … Continue reading

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Room With A View

There’s been another recent effort to persuade the Nevada City City Council to allow neighborhood airbnb’s. I’ve made the point over and over again that the council does not have the power to okay any such change in zoning. The … Continue reading

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Trim Time

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