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Ark Wanted

Woke up to pounding rain about 4am. The garage is completely flooded, along with Mary Ann’s car. The truck is higher off the ground and I think it may be okay. There is floating garbage everywhere. I  am usually prepared … Continue reading

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B.C. (Before Cable)

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I am Thankful

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Super Moon – Shameless Plug

Tonight’s super moon is a timely reminder that I will be selling the “Full Moon in Nevada City” t-shirts and sweatshirts at the Foxhound Espresso & Coffee Broaster ONE DAY ONLY, next Sunday, November 20 from 1 to 5pm.

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RL @ The Foxhound in November

The dates have been finalized. I will be selling the “Full Moon in Nevada City” t-shirts as well as the Starship City Hall” t-shirts (not approved by Duane Strawser) at the reception on Sunday, November 20. They make great Christmas … Continue reading

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Missing in Action

This is not an endorsement of the Democratic challengers in their respective contests. I believe when you represent the people of your district, you have an obligation to come forward and defend your record in election years, regardless of party. … Continue reading

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Season Of The Skunk

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Who Can afford Democracy?

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Can You Hear Me Now?

At the last Nevada City Planning Commission meeting, it was pointed out (once again) that the proposed Verizon tower on Friar Tuck’s could not be rejected for reasons of health. That didn’t prevent numerous citizens from complaining about the potential … Continue reading

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Obituary For A Fallen Friend

Clovis (March 2000 – September 18, 2016) Alias Kittyman, Mr. Stripey, Tommy Tiger, Tom Drooley, Coco, Shorty, and a few other endearing nicknames. He was a survivor, and the best damn cat walking. He is missed terribly. RIP

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