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Podunk Report

While making my daily rounds of Nevada County Voices, I noticed that my former editor over at Sierra Foothill Report took a swipe at me today. I usually try to avoid “Scoopy” and his snarky attitude, but if he’s going … Continue reading

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Past Lives Matter

With the current feeding frenzy over the legacy of the confederate flag, it occurred to me that Nevada County has its own problem with the symbols of our history. The gold miner that proudly adorns our county seal is a … Continue reading

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Summer Fun

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Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around…

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Local Thespian’s Final Curtain Call

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Beat Your Meter

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Mary Grace

It’s been a stressful week in the old neighborhood, with the brutal assault of Mary Grace Tassone and the search for her attacker. Thankfully, the manhunt ended when the alleged assailant was apprehended Thursday afternoon a few blocks away in … Continue reading

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Coming Soon To A Gallery Near You

If the world hasn’t gone completely bonkers by then…

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A Warning To Swimmers

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