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Welcome To The Club

A recent news flash from the Great Northwest brought to light the newest threat to jobs: too much marijuana. When Washington voters approved legalization in the Evergreen State, they really didn’t put too many limits on production. Enthusiastic growers flooded … Continue reading

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Behind The Wall

Amazing how taxpayer-funded entities can tell the public to fuck off when it comes to transparency…

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Robert Wyckoff

I got a few emailsĀ  asking if I was going to the rally in San Francisco to remember the fallen Charlie Hebdo cartoonists this weekend. No, I didn’t make it. Instead, I attended a memorial service for another fallen newspaper … Continue reading

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Last Call For Vitriol

Well, it looks like 2014 is almost history, and good riddance, says I. It’s not that it was a particularly bad year, as years go. No, the only noteworthy thing about 2014 was an overbearing repetition of rhetoric; the unyielding … Continue reading

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Looking Back @ Twenty-Fourteen

There were many more events and items of interest than I could fit in an eight panel cartoon. What would you pick as the top story of the year?

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Seasoned Greetings

Merry Christmas to everyone, even if you don’t live in the greatest place on this earth.

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Yule Blogs

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The Inner View

Recent developments in the ongoing war of words between blogger Kim Jff Pun and conservative opponents reached a new level of butt stupid this week. The feud, which has been festering for almost five years, pits the benevolent leader of … Continue reading

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After The Deluge

We spent most of this week preparing for the Storm of the Century. Our house is on a low, flood-prone stretch of Wolf Creek, and we’ve lost yard furniture and garbage cans in past years. Fortunately, the worst of the … Continue reading

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The Optimist

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