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Sign Of The Times

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Beware The Ides Of March, Indeed…

I am now under house arrest, by order of Governor Newsom.

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It’s True! I Swear On A Floating Millstone!

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When A Mask Just Isn’t Enough

You’ll also be protected from touching your face, or any other part of your anatomy.

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Your Choice…

It’s your last chance! (And tough luck for you early birds who voted for candidates who quit at the last moment.)

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Hello Dahle

They are saving the environment by carpooling to work.

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Dropping On Your Neighborhood Soon

Anyone who has followed my cartoons for the last twenty years knows why there is such a lack of housing in California. Between the costs of doing business, complying with mountains of regulations and rampant NIMBYism, it has been near … Continue reading

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Another Sign Of The Impending Collapse Of Civilization

No, not this photo of two grizzled relics of the print media,,,The sad story is below in the comments…We here at wish Mr. Russell a well earned retirement, and weep for Sierra County, who will now have to get … Continue reading

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The Year In Review

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Merry Christmas To All!

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