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Between Idiocy & Insanity

I haven’t been posting much commentary lately. It’s been a busy summer, with commissioned work and other projects which I will be unveiling soon. If you read this blog with any regularity, you probably know where I stand on politics. … Continue reading

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The Answer To Our Problems

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A Man’s Dome Is His Castle

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I’m not a Republican, but whenever I criticize California politics I get a few yahoos who suggest I get out of dodge. Tough luck, yahoos, I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

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A Belfry For City Hall

Nevada City is a small town that prides itself on remaining that way. The downside is a lack of reliable income for essentials like a warning siren for the raging wind-driven wildfires that have become the norm for California. A … Continue reading

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The Expert

Now that we are almost to August, the area rivers may finally slow down, but swimmers shouldn’t be overconfident. Over twenty people had to be rescued in the Sacramento River last weekend.

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Home Is Where You Are Tonight

Here’s one from last year. Even more relevant today with cities banning overnight RVparking.

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ART: It’s Too Much Like Work

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The Future?

It gets closer every day…

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Job w/benefits

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