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I was cruising Facebook last Saturday and noticed three or four posts from friends in the south county warning of massive storm clouds headed our way. Mary Ann and I ran to the backyard, where we had just planted this … Continue reading

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Freak Show

Only three more voting days to choose the lesser of one evil. Kiley and Dahle have really outdone themselves in the mud wrestling ring during this farce of an election, totally ignoring Ringmaster Reagan’s 11th commandment. (Thou shalt not speak … Continue reading

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The White Sand Road

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Memorial Day 2019

Richard “Doc” Halstead served two thirteen month tours in Vietnam as a combat medic in the U.S. Marines. Wounded twice, and received two purple hearts. A better friend I will never find. Rest in peace.

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My old friend Chris Peterson once told me that the wind doesn’t blow in Nevada County, it sucks. And this last week sucked mightily, thanks to the efforts of the conspiracy-inclined followers of QAnon. Nevada County seems to attract elements … Continue reading

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I Vote Nun

I liked Dahle until he refused to disown the mailer that urged voters to support a doppelganger democrat. Yes, it wasn’t his doing, but he could have called it for the sleazy dirty trick it was. And I refuse to … Continue reading

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Number One

My editorial cartoon took 1st place in the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) journalism awards last night. This is for papers with a circulation of 15K or under…

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Spring Color in Grass Valley

Grass Valley is seeing yet another wonderful mural on Church Street. It’s nice to see these big blank walls turned into public art. Along with the Del Oro and the Grass Valley mural on Main Street, we are adding much … Continue reading

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Scenes From The Class Struggle In Nevada City

My old pal Pam (Sibley) Wood posted a few old covers I did for the late, lamented Nevada City Independent. It only lasted a few years, but what a time we had! Who can name this ancient comic strip character … Continue reading

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