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Every year, a few deluded souls take the plunge, believing they can beat the undertow, the rapids and the freezing cold water. They always lose.

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Clouds On The Eastern Front

Attorney-Generalissimo Jeff Sessions has promised to upend the lax drug policies of the last administration. It remains to be seen how he will handle the states that have voted to legalize recreational cannabis.

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You may have noticed the newly bald parking lot at the Grass Valley Post Office. Why is it so difficult to design these asphalted atrocities with enough root room to allow trees to flourish? It’s almost like a foliaged version … Continue reading

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I’m used to ants in the kitchen, ants in the bathroom, ants in the plants, but when I go to draw a cartoon and one pops out of my pen? I guess affordable housing is even a “thing” in the … Continue reading

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Peabody Creek

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Nobody Ever Said (It Was Gonna Be Easy) – Carrie Nation

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Then and Now

The Union has been running letters from local Republicans whining about the boisterous crowd at last month’s town hall meeting with Congressman LaMalfa. No respect! Where’s the civility? Where? It’s in the same place you left it fifteen years ago … Continue reading

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What You Need Is Some Mountain Air

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Grin & Bear It

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