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Just for fun, let’s imagine a possible future for rural┬áCalifornia after the firestorms of 2017 and 2018. Perhaps it’s a bit over the top, but hey, I have an active imagination… In response to the latest round of forest fires, … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never…

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Turkey With All The Trimmings

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Burning Questions

This cartoon from 2003 illustrates the major obstacle in managing the wild lands of the west. The bodies are still being counted, the fires are still burning, and the “experts” are arguing what to do next.

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California Weeps

The body count was at 50 when I handed this one in. Sadly, it will go far higher before all is said and done.

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Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

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Veteran’s Day 2018

To my dad and all my uncles…

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Armistice Day 2018

The World War I memorial in Grass Valley, CA.

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Fanning The Flames

This diseased piece of garbage couldn’t even wait for the bodies to get cold. Rot in hell, Donald J. Trump…

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Paradise Lost

Terrible news coming from Butte County…

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