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A Nightmare Before Christmas

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Don’t Call A Plumber To Rewire Your House

Looks like NID is backing off from an electrical connection. Good. They have enough things to waste money on as is.

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Stay Safe Out There, Peeples!

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My Number One Fan

I was very sad to hear of the passing of Janet Matson in last week’s paper. Although you    may not have heard of her, she was well known in our household. Janet was my Number One Fan. She wrote a … Continue reading

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When Politicians Go Sideways

Eventually, both extremes will bend reality so far that they will meet in the twilight zone. I call it the “moronic convergence”.

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We Pray For Rain, But All We Get Is Hot Air

Put your buckets away. Looks like we may have to endure another blackout this week.

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Reinette Under Fire (again)

Is im”peach”ment an ingredient of fruitcake? It appears that Nevada City will be embroiled in its own little power struggle now that the majority of the city council has voted to sanction or remove Mayor Reinette Senum from office. I … Continue reading

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Whether it’s blackouts, wildfires, taxes, over regulation or just the ever-rising cost of living, many of my friends are choosing what was unthinkable ten years ago. Even so, more people flock to the Golden State than those who leave. KCRA … Continue reading

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Unloved Letter

Nevada County, backed by the cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City, sent off a nice letter to the California Public Utilities Commission, hoping for relief from days of no power in most of the county. Will it do any … Continue reading

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Trick Or Treat

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