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You’re Fired

Once again, the two-faced lying President who vowed to protect the rights of all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, shows his true colors. Who will he turn on next?

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The Art Of The Deal

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Nurses Gone Wild

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A Work In Progress

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Bloviating From The Bunker

Any resemblance to persons living, dead or online is hardly coincidental.

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Altered States

There are some people who live out on the very fringes of the left and the right. They’ve constructed an alternate universe where everything is black and white with no shades of grey. It’s a harsh place, where conspiracies are … Continue reading

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All Eyes On The New Guy

The Official Famous Marching Presidents & First Ladies T-shirt design for their 30th trek down Broad Street come September.

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Half A Carrot

I drew this cartoon sometime shortly before 9/11. It was apparent to me then that there was a growing divide between the American left and right. The chasm between them has only grown since then, to the point where it … Continue reading

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Watching EPA Director Scott Pruitt dance around the climate question last week was amazing. So much energy expended to say so little…

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Appetite For Appropriation

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