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You Want Freedom Fries With That?

Isn’t it nice to see we are getting back together with our first partner? It’s been a tumultuous relationship over the years. One day we’re telling nasty jokes about her and the next day we’re making smoochy in public.

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INEPT Vs. INSANE: I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Enthusiastic (UPDATED: 4/14/18)

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Wonders Never Cease!

For the first time in many full moons, there shall be an election in Nevada City with more candidates than open seats!

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Shooting Blanks

Conservatives are constantly bemoaning the state of schools and and the young folks that inhabit them. “It’s the unions,” they cry. “If we only had school choice we could indoctrinate the youth of America 0ur way!” Gut the public schools … Continue reading

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Hubristic Convergence

Just another in a long line of naive and ultimately doomed pleas for moderation and unity in our fucked up yet still wonderful nation.

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Breaker Breaker, Good Buddy

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Ixnay On The Gusaruntee, Pronat

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A Blog Cabin Republican

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We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us

There is no doubt that those pesky Russians have been posting a lot of fake news on social media sites, but they’re really only pouring gasoline on a fire that we Americans started over thirty years ago. I’ve been covering … Continue reading

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Let The Good Tanks Roll

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