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The Classic Gerrymander

How does a minority party manage to win majorities in so many states? Easy, you just construct the most convoluted districts possible to ensure your guy can’t lose. (Oh, and make it extremely difficult for minorities to vote.) Now it … Continue reading

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Paper Currency

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Sometimes It’s Hard To Tell The Difference

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Rock Of Ages

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Fidel Fatalis

I I find it ironic how many Democrats are fawning over a dictator who stifled democracy in his own country for over half a century.

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California, Here They Come

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Like most of us in the media biz, I was surprised by the Trump victory. Even so, there had been this nagging feeling in the back of my pea brain that told me not to call the election until the … Continue reading

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Kate McKinnon 4 Prez -2020

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Common Ground

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The Walking Dems

I’ve seen this condition before, in ’68, in ’72, in ’80, and in 2000. Shell-shocked Democrats, wandering the streets aimlessly, chanting, “Brains,,,What happened to brains?” They so believed their own hype and polls that the idea of losing was never … Continue reading

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