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In recognition of the passage of the civil rights act, the Famous Marching Presidents of Nevada City are spotlighting Lyndon Baines Johnson in 2014. Lyndon’s greatest achievement ended up being overshadowed by the Vietnam war, but history will no doubt … Continue reading

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Free The Hands!

Bartenders all over the state of California are clapping today, and it is the crisp clap of bare hands rather than the muffled slapping sound of rubber on rubber. That’s right, the omnipotent legislature has repealed the law they hastily … Continue reading

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Loose Talk At City Hall – 1981

This was my first editorial comic strip, published in The Nevada City Independent in 1981. The big issue of the day was Nevada City’s open container law. Yeah, that’s right, newbies…you used to be able to drink a cold one … Continue reading

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Charge Of The Lights Brigade

There’s been a lot of loose talk concerning those lights in downtown Nevada City. As usual, it’s another case of whether to keep Nevada City’s historical image intact or to bend with the changing tastes of the populace. It’s not … Continue reading

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Changing Of The Guard

Back in 2007, I did this cartoon to note the retirement of then-mayor Steve Cottrell. Now it is seven years later and Mayor Sally Harris is about to leave city hall. No signs of volcanic activity from Sugarloaf, yet.

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Is It Tuesday Yet?

Here we are, in the waning days of Primary 2014. The final campaign mailers are arriving in your mailbox, full of stretched truths, mangled quotes, and outright lies. The candidates have gone to the press and social media to protest … Continue reading

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We’re Number One!

It’s official. This editorial cartoon in┬áThe Union took first place from the California Newspaper Publishers Association for 2013. If you don’t recall the issue, it was about Cal Trans over spending $800,000+ on the La Barr Meadows/Highway 49 interchange. The … Continue reading

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Top Two Primary

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Foiled Again

Have I run this one already? I’m so confused. The ringing in my ears is drowning out the voices in my head.

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