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The Hunter

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Hey Punchy, Get A Clue!

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The Trophy Hunter

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Fall Back, America

Time to set your clocks back to the seventeenth century, when the world was ruled by superstition, fanaticism, and a long period of darkness.

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Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson?

I just received my advance copy of the late Warren Hinckle’s magnum opus on the also late Hunter S. Thompson. It’s a massive tome, and I have forty pages of comics and commentary along side such luminaries as Johnny Depp, … Continue reading

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Brick By Brick

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Sketch 10/13/17

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Here Come De Judge

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At Least They Haven’t Connected Him To ISIS (yet)

This is what happens when you win the Pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning, like Sac Bee cartoonist Jack Ohman. You get bigger fan mail.

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Getting Your House In Order

For the last several decades, I’ve watched as local and state politicians (and to be fair, their NIMBY constituents) piled on with more and more demands on the housing industry. Now that it has become a crisis, they fumble their … Continue reading

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