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The Latest Non-story

In his latest “scoop”, Scoopy has accused me of colluding with “the powers that be” in Grass Valley. Thanks for the heads up, Bubba. I’m always on the lookout for a scandal, and being that I’m involved in it, it … Continue reading

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Inept Vs. Insane: Hold Your Nose

I haven’t made many posts relating to the 2014 midterm elections. It’s not that I haven’t been following the various campaigns. Basically, it’s just that I find the choices too depressing, and after all, this is supposed to be a … Continue reading

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Nevada County’s Favorite Comedians

When the going gets tough, the tough go dancin’….

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Ghosts Of Elections Past Finale

This was the wrap up for the Wild Dogs coverage of the 1984 Democratic convention in the San Francisco Chronicle. Everyone knew that Mondale was going to get his ass kicked in November, so to spice up an otherwise lost … Continue reading

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Ghosts Of Elections Past

During the 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco, Dan O’Neill gathered a group of cartoonists and other disreputable types to accompany Warren Hinckle’s ongoing coverage of the goings on behind the scenes. The following is a sample of Hinckle’s column … Continue reading

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Trouble In Terazzo Town

Looks like the gloves have come off in our little burg’s battle over Terazzo lighting. Former mayor Reinette Senum publicly called out former mayor/planning commissioner Laurie Oberholtzer on Facebook last night, accusing her of pulling strings to bring the lights … Continue reading

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Animal Farm: The Musical

Are Americans fed up with the BS from the usual suspects? In Kansas, an independent is giving an incumbent Republican Senator a real run for his money. Neo-libertarian/Republican Rand Paul is making inroads with minority and younger voters. In California, … Continue reading

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Debatable (Updated 11:30am)

I attended the Measure “S” debate held by the League of Women Voters last night. Turn out was sparse. The disappointing numbers may be traced to several factors… a)  The Giants/Cardinals game b) Growers busy with harvest/trimming c) Growers/users paranoia … Continue reading

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Brit Journalism 101

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Yelling Fire In A Crowded Forest

This cartoon ran in The Union and a few other publications over ten years ago, during the height of the Natural Heritage 2020 debate. I can’t tell you how many times I heard the “evil logger” mantra from the left, … Continue reading

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