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I’m not saying who @#*>&% is. It really makes little difference, or indifference as the case may be. It goes back to the “one eye blind” myopia that has infected so much of America. We just refuse to see any … Continue reading

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Clouds On The Eastern Front

Attorney-Generalissimo Jeff Sessions has promised to upend the lax drug policies of the last administration. It remains to be seen how he will handle the states that have voted to legalize recreational cannabis.

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$ilver Bullets

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The California Legislature is considering lifting a ban on communists holding office in the Golden State. Considering that officeholders are required to uphold the state and federal constitution, it would seem that there could be a conflict of interest there…

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Musings From A Life-impaired Comedian

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Earth Day 2017

I’ve tried to maintain a neutral stand on the whole climate debate. Oh, I agree that the planet is warmer than it used to be. Having spent most of my life in this area, I’ve seen the changes with my … Continue reading

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The Last Affordable House In California

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Then and Now

The Union has been running letters from local Republicans whining about the boisterous crowd at last month’s town hall meeting with Congressman LaMalfa. No respect! Where’s the civility? Where? It’s in the same place you left it fifteen years ago … Continue reading

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The Half-blind Leading The Half-blind

This has become a recurring theme in my cartoons for the last twenty years, and sadly, the disease of ideological myopia has only become worse. I see that this latest entry is already being mocked over at Rebane’s Ruminations. I’m … Continue reading

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