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On Tuesday, I was horrified when I opened the newspaper only to discover that someone had removed the “i’s” from the words in my comic strip! It was weird and kind of disturbing, but I shrugged it off as some … Continue reading

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Stick It In Your Fatwa

Here’s a cartoon I did back in 2006. Sadly, things are far worse today.

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Free At Last

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When The Odds Are Just Too Odd…

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Brian & Me

It was sad to see this week’s major media meltdown of NBC anchorman Brian Williams. As everyone who haunts the interweb or stares numbly at a televersion all day knows, Brian was busted for embellishing his account of events in … Continue reading

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A Reasonable Question

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Don’t Taze Me, Bro

Can’t imagine why the cops would like to have tazers…

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San Francisco Values

There has been a debate going on in Nevada County as to whether we should embrace so-called “San Francisco values.” But The City itself has been going through a huge transformation in recent years, and begs the question: which San … Continue reading

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State Of The (Groan) Union

This week’s State of the Union dispelled any lingering doubt that the two dominant political parties truly hate each others guts . With Obama reeling off executive orders on immigration and Cuba, and the promised veto of the Keystone pipeline, … Continue reading

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I’m Offended

What is Freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.           -Salman Rushdie I have been involved in some very heated discussions since the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists on January 7, 2015. While there has … Continue reading

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