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Foiled Again

Have I run this one already? I’m so confused. The ringing in my ears is drowning out the voices in my head.

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In Defense Of Whiteness

I’ve noticed that in many posts and articles scattered around the internet, “white men” are regularly singled out as the source of all evil on Planet Earth. Being a white man myself, (and harboring the added baggage of being an … Continue reading

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Silly Season Is Upon Us

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Anyone who knows anything about California history knows that the Chinese were treated abysmally during their first half century in the golden state, as this cartoon by Thomas Nast so vividly illustrates. (Nast was a champion of downtrodden Chinese and … Continue reading

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Cold War II

I’m no expert on Russia. I’ve known a few over the years, was even related to one by marriage for awhile, but they are still a mystery to me. Like most of us western boomers, I was elated when the … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is…The Status Quo!!!

Well, it looked like Nevada City was going to have an election this year, but only two days after the filing deadline, the third candidate (John Valdeman) dropped out, citing “no differences” with candidate councilperson-in-waiting Evans Phelps or incumbent Duane … Continue reading

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The Many Faces Of California.

There’s a petition going around to split the state of California into six separate states. (Talk about Statesophrenia! We got multiple personalities up the ying yang!) Nevada County would be relegated to the new state of “North California”.

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We Have An Election!

Whoopie! Looks like we may actually have an election in Nevada City this year -if all three potential candidates follow through. It’s a good thing, because for the NC to skip two elections in a row would have been somewhat … Continue reading

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Will Nevada City Pass On Elections Again?

I don’t live in Nevada City anymore, but thirty of my sixty-three years were spent in and around The Queen OF The Northern Mines. And before I started covering politics full time, I used to endorse candidates for city council. … Continue reading

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Now Count Backward From One Hundred….

Way back in 1945, there was an attempt by Governor Earl Warren to enact compulsory health insurance in California. As you can see from this Sacramento Bee editorial cartoon by Newton Pratt, the legislation was “chloroformed”. It only took another … Continue reading

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