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Connect The Dots

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Water Hazard Ahead

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No Laughing Matter

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Rotten Eggs

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Laughable Legislation

The old guard is desperately trying to hold back the coming tsunami with Measure W, restricting grows to heavily regulated indoor operations.  They may win the battle, but they are destined to lose the war. Marijuana will be legal in … Continue reading

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Game of Drones

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Life Has Become A Comic Book…

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Bizarro World

In the Bizarro World, cheap gas is a bad thing…

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The Royal Flush

There’s been a lot of chatter on social media since Sheriff Keith Royal and the Board of Stuporvisors railroaded a draconian approach to the invasive marijuana culture onto the June ballot. Hundreds of amateur pharmacists have seen their livelihood threatened, … Continue reading

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Sweet Sixteen

Two-thousand sixteen! It’s finally here, and it promises to be one of those “interesting times” the Chinese warned us about. Anyone who is half conscious knows that there is a notably different vibe this time around. The inmates are finally … Continue reading

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