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QUber Alles

Okay…Listen up, kids…I may not have much time before “certain powers” locate this earthshaking report and wipe it off the Interweb. Some of you will understand and do a quick printout before the Great Plug is violently pulled from the … Continue reading

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Winnie The Pootin

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History Regrets Itself

News article from The Advocate (Australia) Tuesday, January 9, 1934. Shortly after Hitler became chancellor of Germany.

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Deck The Halls

With apologies to Charles Addams…

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To The Vets

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The Daily Idiot – “The Origin of Humbug”

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The Daily Idiot – Episode Two


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Cracking Up

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Menu From A World War

Going through all my parents’ old papers and pictures, I found this memento of V-J Day, September 2, 1945. Dad was stationed in the Philippines. I imagine those boys were relieved that they didn’t have to invade the Japanese mainland.

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Frozen Assets

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