Another Sign Of The Impending Collapse Of Civilization

No, not this photo of two grizzled relics of the print media,,,The sad story is below in the comments…We here at wish Mr. Russell a well earned retirement, and weep for Sierra County, who will now have to get their news from Facebook gossip, when the weather doesn’t knock out their internet.

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4 Responses to Another Sign Of The Impending Collapse Of Civilization

  1. steve cottrell says:

    Don Russell retiring? No, not possible. Say it ain’t so.

    I always pictured Don as someone who would drop dead at the computer (or in front of an old Comp IV) trying to get the last bit of local news into print before he was carried out of the office on a gurney.

    He never got rich off the Mountain Messenger, but he made Sierra County richer by its existence –– especially his sharp-witted, Font Page editorials that he claimed were examples of objective news reporting.

    • rl crabb says:

      Hi there, Steve. Don told me he might still do some writing once he’s freed himself from The Mess. I’m glad to see you aren’t letting your typing fingers get cold. Happy New Year!

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