The Superbowl Was Rigged

If we went by electoral college football rules, the Falcons won. They led the game for over three quarters. (And note that the Roman numerals spell “LI.”)

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I Tot I Taw A Puddy Hat

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When Masked Vigilantes Were Cool

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Thou Shalt Regulate Thy Bovine Flatulence

If the Presidonald follows through with his threat to cut EPA regulations in half, you can count on California politicians to double down on ours, more if possible. The war between the feds and the state is going to make living in California even more expensive than it is now.

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The Neighbor

My Republican friends don’t understand why I am not on board with a guy who, if he was my next door neighbor, I wouldn’t give the time of day.

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Looking More Presidential Every Day…

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Playing The Odds

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Believe It Or What?

Credit: Tim O’Brian

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An Inspirational Speech

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Parking Cartoon No. 3726

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