Killing Time Won’t Wound Eternity

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GOP Healthcare Plan Revealed

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There is no doubt that social media has put a spotlight on criminal activity, but it still seems like the number of local cases of carjackings, burglary, bank and business robberies, murder and vandalism has grown in recent years.  I have no doubt that hard drugs and mental illness contribute mightily. What do you think?

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Back To The Future!

But can you do it on a screen the size of a cigarette package?

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Another Roadside Attraction

When life hands you lemons, open a lemonade stand.

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The Ship Of State

Californians are oozing with empathy, and it is reflected in the people they elect to the state legislature. If you are among the disenfranchised, they are there to cuddle you in the arms of government. Their only problem is finding a way to pay for it without scaring too many earners and job creators into leaving for greener and cheaper pastures.

Fortunately, we have the best climate on earth, and the most diverse and beautiful landscapes to explore and admire. This has always been the magnet that draws the dreamers to our golden state. But even so, when the burden of taxation becomes too great, even the sweltering humidity of Texas or Asia could begin to look more bearable.

And before you go off on my “libertarian” elitism of wanting services without paying for them, I get it.

I understand that we will most likely always have Big Government to run a state the size of California, and that it costs money. But at some point people need to start looking at what is important to them and putting their own wallet to work instead of relying on a system that requires huge buildings full of bureaucrats with massive pensions to dole out the leftovers for upkeep of our fair state.

It’s not impossible. Since the Republicans defunded Planned Parenthood, donations have skyrocketed. In our own community, citizens have backed local taxes to solve local problems such as potholes, sidewalks and parks. The money stays here instead of going through Sacramento or Washington. And when disaster strikes, as in the recent case of Lefty’s restaurant flooding, the public is more than willing to pitch in and help.

In the Age of Trump, which is likely to last four years at least, money from the federal government will not be forthcoming. With healthcare and infrastructure as immediate priorities, is it wise to go on a new spending spree?

It’s time to take another look at how tax dollars are spent, and how many hands the money must pass through before it comes back to where it’s needed.


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City Trek: The Undeveloped Country

LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Committee) is proposing to strip some areas from Nevada City’s historic watershed sphere of influence. Who’s behind this naked power grab? We may find some answers at the workshop scheduled for this Thursday at the ROOD complex. The fun begins at 9:30 am. Hope to see you there. (Set phasers on stun!)

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At The Crossroads

It’s been quite a week for our sleepy village. First, landslides closed Interstate 80, detouring traffic down Highway 20 through Nevada City and Grass Valley to Auburn. Then, the imminent possibility of spillway failure on the Oroville dam sent hundreds of refugees east on Highway 20 to the relative safety of the foothill towns.

All in all, we weathered the storm with grace and charity. The fairgrounds was inundated with much needed supplies to make the unexpected guests as comfortable as possible. People opened their homes to strangers. No one asked for party affiliation, religion or race.

Once again we are reminded why we live in this wonderful neck of the woods.

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Fundraiser for Lefty’s

Lefty’s is a great eatery that has been flooded twice this year. Let’s show a little spaghetti solidarity and help them get back on their feet. (Being a “lefty” myself, I can’t help but feel some empathy for my brethren!)

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The Waterboarding Begins

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