We Pray For Rain, But All We Get Is Hot Air

Put your buckets away. Looks like we may have to endure another blackout this week.

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Reinette Under Fire (again)

Is im”peach”ment an ingredient of fruitcake? It appears that Nevada City will be embroiled in its own little power struggle now that the majority of the city council has voted to sanction or remove Mayor Reinette Senum from office. I believe there must be more to the story than just Reinette’s public comments, but we shall see as the drama unfolds.


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Whether it’s blackouts, wildfires, taxes, over regulation or just the ever-rising cost of living, many of my friends are choosing what was unthinkable ten years ago. Even so, more people flock to the Golden State than those who leave.

KCRA recently reported that Roseville is adding a new college and housing for 50,000 new residents. Sacramento and other surrounding cities won’t be too far behind. I wonder where the water will come from to support this kind of growth in a state where drought is becoming a way of life?

I’m too old and rooted in California to make another big move, but it’s not going to be easy to stay. Interesting times, indeed.

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Unloved Letter

Nevada County, backed by the cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City, sent off a nice letter to the California Public Utilities Commission, hoping for relief from days of no power in most of the county. Will it do any good? That remains to be seen.

Local grocery stores and restaurants lost thousands of dollars worth of perishables. Workers lost much needed wages while their employers’ places of business sat dark and idle.

It even affects my book sales. I purposely planned the release of The World Is Askew for late October to coincide with the beginning of the Christmas season. I’m not complaining too much. I still managed to sell a fair amount despite having to reschedule and work around the days of darkness. But I believe I would have done better if everyone wasn’t so distracted. And it’s still early, so I’ll probably try to do a few more signings.

I probably should have gone into generator sales instead of cartooning.

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With Friends Like These…

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Tonight’s the night! Come to the Gray Goose and bring money!!!

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The Wicked Witch Of The West

Assemblyperson Lorena Gonzalez’s gig stew is a putrid legislative goo that will drown all those unfortunates who get tossed into the mix.

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Trick Or Treat

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I Did It My Way

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Isn’t It Good? Norwejian Wood

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