I’m not a Republican, but whenever I criticize California politics I get a few yahoos who suggest I get out of dodge. Tough luck, yahoos, I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

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A Pain In The Asteroid

The spot market on gold is at $1442 today, but in space an ounce of gold is weightless.

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What Were You Saying About Baltimore, Donald?…

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A Belfry For City Hall

Nevada City is a small town that prides itself on remaining that way. The downside is a lack of reliable income for essentials like a warning siren for the raging wind-driven wildfires that have become the norm for California.

A plan to increase parking fees from a quarter to a dollar has ignited its own firestorm of resistance from residents and businesses, so in the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with what we have…

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The Expert

Now that we are almost to August, the area rivers may finally slow down, but swimmers shouldn’t be overconfident. Over twenty people had to be rescued in the Sacramento River last weekend.

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Fashion in 2019

Eventually, all world leaders will adopt the “Trump look”.  That’s why Angela Merkel is retiring while she can.

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RIP Paul Krassner

I only met Paul Krassner once, at the notorious O’Farrell Theater during the doomed 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco. I was there as part of the Wild Dogs, a loose affiliation of cartoonists creating a page of comics that accompanied Warren Hinckle’s commentary in the San Francisco Chronicle. Paul came up with a little blurb about Geraldine Ferraro and Dan O’Neill had me illustrate it.

Krassner was one the great satirists of the late 20th century. His publication, The Realist, was known for it’s outrageous take on politics. Groucho Marx declared that Krassner was the heir to Lenny Bruce’s legacy.

He passed away on July 21. I doubt he will rest in peace.

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Home Is Where You Are Tonight

Here’s one from last year. Even more relevant today with cities banning overnight RVparking.

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ART: It’s Too Much Like Work

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Life is a show: ‘Cabaret’ comes to Nevada City

If you’re ready for some saucy singing ans salacious showmanship, I suggest you get tickets for this outstanding production while they last.

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