Hair To The Throne


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“I Look All White But My Dad Was Black…”

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Nature Boy

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First Impressions

Girl and Cop094While watching the news story about the cop who wrestled the 14 year old girl in Texas, I was reminded of this scene from my graphic autobiography, Scablands. So many times in this age of instant news, we often let our first impression become fact before knowing the full story. In this case, the out of control officer had handled not one, but two suicide cases before losing it at the pool party. The first was consoling a family whose father/husband had shot himself in front of them. The second was talking a girl out of jumping to her death.

Yeah, that kind of schedule will put a crimp in your day. Does it excuse his overreaction? No, he is supposed to be a professional, but sometimes we all have our weak moments. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the melee, but the cop has been forced to resign and has received numerous death threats. His life will never be the same.

It’s so easy to jump the gun when our news is transmitted worldwide seconds after it happens. No context, no analysis, just raw images vomited onto the screens of billions of armchair judges, who regurgitate their scornful links until everyone has had a chance to offer an opinion. It’s the problem with instant news and the rush to be the first to post something, anything.

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For some unfathomable reason, WordPress is refusing to download any new images onto my blog. I’m rather busy at the moment and unable to track the problem down, so I’ll be limited to mostly links and comments for a while. This is just to let you know I’m still posting stuff, but I’ll be doing most of it on Facebook.

Excelsior, RL Crabb

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Foiled Again

Foilsafe Color083Just finished this cel painting version of one of my more popular cartoons. I’ll be doing a bunch of these for my next show at The Center For The Arts in September.

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Defacing Public Property Dept.

Barking at CatsA particularly barky dog has moved into the neighborhood, and I think our local felines have made it clear how they feel about the situation…

(Note to self: Lock up your felt pens at night.)

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Lowell Robinson

LowellI hear that Lowell Robinson has passed away. Lowell was a pillar of our community, and he will be missed.

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But Is It Organic?

Nevada County has promised to crack down on illegal roadside entrepreneurs. They seem to pop up from out of nowhere…


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Who’s Next?

CATS062Who’s next, indeed? No one knows what Mohammad looked like, any more than Christians know what Jesus really looked like. We can assume that he had dark hair and a beard, but that’s about as close as you’re going to get. So when a cartoonist draws a picture and says it’s Mohammad, or Jesus, he or she is just guessing. If I draw a potato and call it Mohammad, is that a capital offense?

If a small minority of fanatics can convince the free world that murdering cartoonists for drawing their prophet is at the very least, an understandable act, then what’s stopping the Scientologists from striking a blow for the honor of L. Ron Hubbard? What if a few disaffected Mormons beheaded Trey Parker and Matt Stone for their scandalous Broadway hit, Book of Mormon ? Are we being insensitive by drawing a fat Buddha? Is Brahma a sacred cow?

There are some who claim that satire must evolve with the times. Just as it is now unacceptable to portray blacks as watermelon-eating, fat-lipped slackers, or the hook-nosed, money-grubbing Jew, we are asked to refrain from stereotyping Arabs as towel-headed butchers. (Although someone should tell the Muslim nations that Uncle Sam is not Satan and cartoon animals should not encourage children to become martyrs.) Yeah, we could all use a little evolving.

But the very nature of satire is to ridicule the established order, to break the taboo. There are writers, poets, and cartoonists in the Islamic world who risk imprisonment, torture and death to make fun of the ruling class and their dumb-ass laws and rituals. (There are links to some of their stories in the Cartoonist Under Fire category, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.) History is overflowing with dead clowns, but their works live on in defiance of time, mocking generations of censors and book burners.

And the satire here, if I have to spell it out, is the absurdity of murdering human beings for the act of drawing a picture or writing a word, and doing it in the name of God. Criticizing religion beliefs is not a hate crime, it is a dissenting opinion. Although all of the above religious institutions have just as much cause to be offended by we heathens, most have given up murder and martyrdom as an incentive to convert.

Picasso277I did this cartoon in the early summer of 2001, after finding the story in an old speech by Melina Mercouri. It sat around my studio for months, because it didn’t fit the relatively peaceful times we were living in. I finally decided to run it in The Union on the Saturday before the annual Constitution Day parade in Nevada City, September 8. Three days after, and all these years later, it is more relevant than ever.

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