We finally got to ride on the Yuba Bus, but instead of going to the river we ended up in Lincoln for the season opener of the Lincoln Potters baseball team at McBean Memorial Park. (I still think they should have called it Potters Field, but what do I know?) The bus is terrific, comfortable and reasonably priced. It was a beautiful night for baseball, and the Potters whupped the San Francisco Seals 6 -4. GO POTTERS!!!




The happy crew settles in for the ride to the valley.





Our Yuba Bus host, Preston.





Batter up!



The Connor Boys, Tanner and Jesse.

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The Condiment Conspiracy

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California: The “Decline To” State

Latest voter registration: Independents top GOP

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Elect Beelzebub

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Illegal Block

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History Regrets Itself

News article from The Advocate (Australia) Tuesday, January 9, 1934. Shortly after Hitler became chancellor of Germany.

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Lenny Bruce Is Rolling In His Grave

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This cartoon has been fluttering around my studio for weeks. It’s about time to let it fly…

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Even The Irish Have African Roots

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Beware The Airhorn Rattler!

It’s slithering season again. Remember to flip that old board in your backyard with a shovel or rake before you stick your fingers under there. I’ve already seen one person with a nasty bite on his hand. He almost lost a finger!

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