Revenge Of The Turkey

TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving all, and don’t let your eyes consume more than your tummy can handle.

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Thanksgiving For The Time We Had

One year ago this week, Doc Halstead passed away in Penn Valley. He had been at our home for Thanksgiving just two days earlier. We spent the afternoon reminiscing about our years in Atlanta with the Carrie Nation band, and when we were roomies during the winter that wouldn’t end in Tahoe Donner. When it came time to go, Mary Ann asked him if he wanted to take the beer he brought but never drank. “No,” he said with a smile, “Save it for next year.” It’s still in the fridge, Doc.

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Who Done It?


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Lisa Vs. Terry, Continued

Lisa & Terry799There’s been a good deal of discussion and disagreement over Grass Valley Councilperson Lisa Swarthout’s suggestion that Councilperson-elect-Supervisor Terry Lamphier should resign over allegations that he was ogling kiddie porn on his Official County Computer. Some folks think I was being too harsh on Lisa with the cartoon that appeared in The Union Saturday last.

Here’s my take on the situation: Is this how we should conduct elections from now on? An anonymous tipster casually drops a letter bomb the week before the election accusing the candidate of a) child molestation, b) sexual harassment, c) miscellaneous no-no du jour. Without any formal charges being filed, the candidate is forced to nullify an election he or she won fair and square, and the incumbents can appoint the person they wanted on the council in the first place.

Yeah, that’s a great way to run a democracy, don’t you think?

I’m not defending Terry Lamphier. I’m defending the right of the accused to defend his name and the right of the people to hold free and fair elections. If Terry proves to be guilty, so be it. Sorry if it has inconvenienced Lisa and Grass Valley City Hall.

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Our Current Political System, Illustrated

Trolls Under Bridge796

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Nevada City News

Nevada City News was one of a long line of weekly newspapers that I cut my teeth on while learning the craft of cartooning. Editor Steve Cottrell commissioned this cover and several others, most of which have disappeared from my archives. I also did a weekly strip or editorial cartoon on the interior, and every once in awhile I’d write an article. I did a biography of local raconteur and historian Bob Paine that was so full of lies the paper it was printed on curled up in embarrassment. Bob loved it. (Wish I still had a copy.)

Nevada City News795

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These darn comics have been getting me in trouble most of my life. It started in Catholic school, with Sister Mary Hillary slapping my knuckles for doodling on my homework. It continued during my stint with The Nevada City Independent, as shown here. There’s always somebody on my case…

Junior Crbmn Indy II791

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Water, Then And Now

My first comic strip, Junior Jackalope, was a regular feature in The Nevada City Independent in 1982. We not only had a comics page, it was a color comics page, something you didn’t see much in those days. The page was my baby, and I had to cut all the color separations by hand. It was a labor of love.

As you can see, some of the issues we were dealing with back then bear a striking resemblance to those in today’s headlines…

Junior Jackalope Indy785




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The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

A little late for Veteran’s Day, but a beautiful, tragic indictment of war. In the great wars of the 20th Century, millions died, and today’s conflicts only number in the thousands. I suppose that’s progress, but we have so far to go…

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Is It Real, Or Is It Photoshop? (updated)



Rosetta784The internet has gone bonkers over the Kardashian photo shoot. Here is one of the more tasteful versions. I think I’ll pass on the stuffing, though!!!Butt Thanksgiving

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