Super Moon – Shameless Plug

fullmoonparty2Tonight’s super moon is a timely reminder that I will be selling the “Full Moon in Nevada City” t-shirts and sweatshirts at the Foxhound Espresso & Coffee Broaster ONE DAY ONLY, next Sunday, November 20 from 1 to 5pm.

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Kate McKinnon 4 Prez -2020

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Calling Back The Salmon Doctor – Nisenan Heritage Day 2016

nisenan-sixteen027Get your indigenous on today at Sierra College from 10 to 4.

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Common Ground


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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has departed this physical plane, but he left us with beautiful music…

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The Walking Dems

walking-dems028I’ve seen this condition before, in ’68, in ’72, in ’80, and in 2000. Shell-shocked Democrats, wandering the streets aimlessly, chanting, “Brains,,,What happened to brains?” They so believed their own hype and polls that the idea of losing was never considered. It will pass, like kidney stones.

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The End Of The Beginning


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What’s YOUR Sign?


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RL @ The Foxhound in November

The dates have been finalized. I will be selling the “Full Moon in Nevada City” t-shirts as well as the Starship City Hall” t-shirts (not approved by Duane Strawser) at the reception on Sunday, November 20. They make great Christmas gifts. (hint hint)


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Descent Into The Mudstorm


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