From Rust To Riches

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Seeing Red

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Best Campaign Ad of 2018 (so far)

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Never Vote For A Guy Named Napoleon

I found this story in the book, “Chief Justice: A Biography of Earl Warren” by Ed Cray, and from a conversation I had with a retired Nevada City policeman. He told me that everyone knew about the gambling dens, but rarely did anyone do anything about it until Pat Brown became California’s Attorney General.

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Leg Of Big Foot

Took a quick trip to the north state last week. Stopped at my favorite tourist trap to pick up the latest gimcracks, knick knacks, and do-dads.

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One-Armed And Dangerous

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A Passing Thought

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Constitution Day 2018

Another successful year of celebrating our constitution. Let’s hear it for freedom!

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A Call For Unity

As we enter Constitution Day weekend, the late Senator John McCain urges bipartisan cooperation. Celebrate your Constitution while you still have one.

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Who Wrote The NY Times Op/Ed?

It could have been anybody. It could have been everybody.

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