History, Tradition, A Parade, And Maybe Even A Little (gasp) Politics

Constitution Day 2013275The Constitution Day festivities begin today with the Marching Presidents potluck dinner. This weekend: Duck Races and the parade on Sunday. Celebrate freedom while you still have any.

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September 11+11+11+11+….

Sept II681Did you ever have a dream that turned into a nightmare, and when you woke up you realized it wasn’t a dream, but a reality that never ends? That’s what today feels like to me. Another September 11, another call to arms to battle the enemies of civilization. It started on this day thirteen years ago, and there have been so many false endings that I just take it for granted that what I’m seeing isn’t real.

We went to Afghanistan and fought off the Taliban. We went to Iraq to finish what Bush started, or was it Bush that was ending it? I can’t keep them straight. Then we cheered when the long awaited Arab Spring arrived. It really looked like all our blood and treasure paid off, and the sane people were taking charge. But either they elected bad people or the crazy ones started fighting among themselves leaving no one in charge. Then suddenly, Bin Laden was dead, and we all cheered in a reverent sort of way and hoped that it would be the catalyst that would finally break the cycle of bad dreams.

But today we are right back at the beginning. A different name, but the same dark demons. It’s so tempting to change the storyline and not go down that rabbit hole again. The bad guys stand there on the other side and taunt us. They want the nightmare, and they want us in it because they know it tears us apart and keeps us divided. The weaker we become, the closer they are to making their dream come true.

Deep down, we know it’s true. The nightmare cannot be ignored, or we might wake up one day in their grim world, where every day is September 11.

Oh, for a good night’s sleep.

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The Cutting Edge Of Technology

Apple Watch679

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Beware Of Bears

Bear hug II678There has been a dramatic increase in bear molestations this fall, as the beasts desperately seek enough food to sustain themselves through the coming winter. Please remember to store all munchies in a secure area, and don’t leave food in your car if you value your upholstery. It is illegal to shoot them, as they are easily confused with ex-newspapermen.

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Here’s Mud In Your Eye

Mudfest642I did this drawing ten years ago, during an era of exceptional rancor in Nevada County politics. Here’s a passage from my chronicle of those ugly times, Once Upon A Village.

“With the election of 2004, a new generation of conservatives assumed control of the Board of Supervisors, but it’s understood that the days of the good ol’ boys, sweetheart deals and rampant development are gone forever. Even if they wanted it, they are constrained by a maze of mandates and regulations from the state. While progressives may not agree with the new majority, they have charted a more moderate course for the future, much to the dismay of their more libertarian supporters.”

Here in 2014, the “moderately conservative” Board has come under fire from all directions. In an ironic twist, property rights activists from the left have taken them to task over marijuana farms and a controversial cell phone tower. The specter of development on Dorsey Drive has many activists up in arms. The right wingers are unhappy that the Board hasn’t weighed in on Agenda 21, global warming fraud and the secessionist movement, among other tea party topics. The progressives, now led by the ever-boisterous Jeff Pelline and his Sierra Foothill Report  (Or sometimes referred to here as The Whine & Cheese Quarterly ) have begun to challenge the status quo, who are still being referred to as the “good ol’ boys.” Mr. P vigorously denies any political leanings, but his slanted reporting on the Grass Valley city council race and Ahabesque vendetta against The Union tells another story.

Compared to 2004, this year’s election is a sleeper. The supervisor’s contests were conducted with a minimum of nastiness, and the moderate right still holds sway in the Rood Center chambers. Still, there is much grumbling from the disaffected left against the Supervisors and Sheriff Keith Royal. It will be interesting to see how the ASA (Americans for Safe Access) initiative does in November. If successful, it could set the stage for a new round of recall elections in 2015. If there is still any water in Nevada County, that’s when the mud pies will fly.

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By Any Other Name

Demopublican673No matter what they call themselves, we are stuck with inbred politicians.

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The Fall Run


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Bucket List

Burning Man671

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Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid


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No Middle Ground

Nobody said solving the problems of this dysfunctional nation would be easy, but you’d think after all these years the two parties could come to a compromise to end the madness at the border. No Middle Ground670Rick Perry wants a military solution. How long would it be before it would end in bloodshed and tragedy? Isn’t Ferguson enough of a warning about how a military confrontation can go terribly wrong. And Jerry Brown…Do you really think opening up the immigration floodgates in a state that already has too many people on welfare is a great idea?

It’s just one of the issues that leads me to believe the world (and the two party system) has lost its marbles.

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