Burger Binge

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Gimme Shelter

Sierra Roots operates a warming center for the homeless. Unfortunately, they are not open until the third day of inclement weather, which seems to defeat the purpose. Hopefully, this policy will be modified one of these third days…

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Breaking News!!!

Just more liberal propaganda to piss off George Rebane and his not-so-merry men…

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You Can’t Get There From Here

Mayor David (Sparky) Parker recently posted an update on the status of the gate blocking Duffy’s Alley in Nevada City on his Facebook page. The owners of the Golden Era bar property originally sought a temporary closing of the alley during remodeling, but after the job was finished the gate remained.

Parker then sought to mediate an agreement between the parties to reopen the gate, at least during daylight hours. After all, it had been an established public thoroughfare for over one hundred years. The talks stalled when city attorney Hal DeGraw told the committee that the city had no prescriptive easement and neither the Golden Era nor the city would not accept the liability.

So there we are, or are we? If citizens give in to this decision, what’s next? There has already been a request from the new owner of the National Hotel to close the National Alley to the public. What’s next? The shortcut from Main St. to the post office? The trail from the Brewery parking lot to Pioneer Park? Tribulation Trail?

These little shortcut oddities are part of Nevada City’s character. They are historical arteries that deserve some recognition. Look at what Grass Valley did with their tribute to Ambassador Stevens, in an alley.

It’s time to speak up…

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Cat Chat

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A Different Perspective

On this Martin Luther King Day, we sometimes need to look beyond skin color, ideology, and sound bites to remember that Dr. King advised us to not judge by the color of skin, but the content of character.

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Fire Sale

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Inept v. Insane: Appetite For Self-destruction

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The Felinophobic

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There’s (at least) One In Every Town…

Last month, The Union banned former county supervisor Todd Juvinall from commenting on their opinion page. I see the warning didn’t take, but what else can you expect from our “Little Trump”?

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