Yard Sale JunkieI will be part of a multi-family yard sale ONE DAY ONLY, Saturday May 28, at the Croul residence, 421 Nevada Street, Nevada City. Some of the items for sale include costumes, clothing, power tools, knick knacks, appliances, one big flat screen TV, an authentic Red Ryder BB gun, a replica of the famous leg lamp from “A Christmas Story, and some new T-Shirts from the Crabb Cartoon Factory. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

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Working Without A Net

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Y Or Y Not?

Y or YNot651I am not a resident of Nevada City. I am not taking sides on Measure Y, but I do have an opinion on the election.

Twenty years ago, the voters of Nevada City passed an initiative to limit Bed & Breakfast businesses in the neighborhoods. After initially welcoming such endeavors, residents who lived near them began to complain about noise, parking and the general feeling that residential neighborhoods should remain residential.

Much water has passed under the Pine Street bridge since then. A new generation isn’t as concerned about aesthetics as they are about being able to make their mortgage payments. The city council and city attorney found a loophole in the ordinance that would allow them to bypass the restrictions and rewrite the rules.

This doesn’t seem fair to me, especially when you consider the the deciding vote to overturn the ban was cast by a councilperson who was never elected to office. And the mantra of “why are we bothering with this when we have other problems like homelessness and crime to deal with?” is a pretty weak excuse. This affects everyone in the city limits. If the council couldn’t handle more than one problem at a time, why are they there?

One reason is that there isn’t enough interest in city government to bother with elections anymore. There hasn’t been a contested city council election in six years. Of course, that hasn’t stopped residents from filling the council chamber when they have a complaint.

So I don’t care how you vote on Measure Y. If you want Airbnb’s in Nevada City, fine, but please take the time and effort to vote. Don’t whine about it after the fact. It’s the democratic thing to do.

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It’s Not Over Till The Dragon Lady Sings

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Before City Council Elections Were History

Elect Appoint someone to city council!!!Dyer Flyer

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Ump On The Stump


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Sometimes No Doesn’t Mean Know

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The Drawing Board

Drawing BoardBack in 1970 I naively entered this drawing contest to see if I had any artistic abilities, but the only thing I got was a visit from a salesman who convinced me to enroll in a mail order art school. My parents sprung for the tuition and I actually completed several lessons before becoming bored and dropping out.

The only thing left from that chapter of my education is this drawing board. After I became serious about becoming a cartoonist, it became the platform where my fevered imagination could take flight. Over the years, I used it to create over 1500 daily strips, 1100+ weekly strips, 500+ comic book pages, and countless posters, designs and doodles.

The corners have long since worn off and it is covered with the scars of a thousand Xacto cuts. Still, I can’t bring myself to replace it.

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Green Is The New Black

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Boomer Humor

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