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The eyes have it

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Whitey Will Pay!

The latest viral image to hit the internet is a photo of a car proudly brandishing a bumpersticker that declares “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012.” I first saw it on the Huffington Post site, and today I tried to access the … Continue reading

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Pasties from Outer Space

If you grew up in Nevada County, chances are you’ve eaten a pastie, or thousands of them. It was one of the few things that survived the age of the Cornish miners. I don’t know if¬†they still serve pasties at … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink & Drive Today!

It’s been twenty years since I quit drinking, except every Friday with the Shifters, a group of individuals who meet weekly in Nevada City to discuss politics, sports and general gossip. We rotate bars to spread the local wealth, and … Continue reading

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Are you a Decliner?

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A Typical Night @ City Council

Nevada City City Council meetings are rarely boring, and Wednesday my “crabb sense” (which is like Spiderman’s spider sense) started tingling. I had to brave the elements to get to city hall for this week’s slugfest. I was not disappointed. … Continue reading

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1st Amendment Follies

The 1st amendment has been debated in this country before the ink was dry on the Bill of Rights.¬†Whether the issue is civility or national security, there have always been those who would shackle unpopular speech and ideas. During the … Continue reading

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In an Alternate Universe…

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Snow Business

If you’re planning on heading into the mountains today, please remember to carry chains. A few months supply of food might be a good idea too, just in case…

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I have never seen this nation as ideologically divided as it is today. Sometimes it seems that the left and right are from different planets. How have we come to this place in time? More importantly, can we get past … Continue reading

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