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Equal rights for idiots


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Is it summer yet?

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Privite Club

Monday night I was watching Republibabes Laura Ingraham and South Carolina Guv. Nikki Haley defend the Augusta National Golf Club’s “no women” rule on the O’Reilly Factor. I kind of got the feeling that they didn’t really approve of the … Continue reading

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A response to George Rebane

It would appear that my previous post, “The Haunting Question” has struck a nerve with my friend George Rebane, inspiring him to write a response entitled “The muddled middle”. In it, he tasks me to find where conservatives have ever … Continue reading

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The haunting question

It’s sad to watch what passes for politics these days. There is no appetite for compromise, much less consensus. Both parties have good ideas, but are ready to hold out until they can have the whole enchilada. Both of them … Continue reading

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I always lie to pollsters

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Globalization 101

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Anthropomorphic Alternatives

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