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Vacation Part Two: Oil and Water Don’t Mix

The first thing I did when we decided to visit the central coast was google up the location of the nearest hot spring. I have bad legs, and one of the best remedies I’ve found for the problem is hot … Continue reading

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On Vacation with the Crabbs (Part One)

I’m back. We decided to take a little vacation last week, our first opportunity to do so in over three years. Getting away from the drudgery of politics and The Stupidist Campaign in Living Memory was needed also. I had … Continue reading

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Paying for Progress

                                                 Once again, the ruling party in Sacramento is testing the endurance of California voters by plunging high speed ahead with a massive spending plan to show the world that we are on the cutting edge of innovation. Never mind that we … Continue reading

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Dating Tips by Charles Bugowski

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The Other Funeral in Mayberry

This week, the world mourns the passing of Andy Griffith, the creator of the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina. Somewhat less publicized, but no less important was the passing on May 17 of another resident of that iconic TV series, … Continue reading

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Have a Happy 4th!

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I’m History

A few months ago, I was asked by the Nevada County Historical Society to record some of my past experiences growing up in Grass Valley. We met up at the Northstar Powerhouse Museum where I was interviewed by Bob Moore. … Continue reading

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Bait Accomplii

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