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Pineapple Christmas

This time we were ready for the flood, so of course it didn’t flood.

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Deck Us All With Boston Charlie (Thanks to the immortal Walt Kelly)

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Bench Warfare

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Getting High In Nevada City

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Ark Wanted

Woke up to pounding rain about 4am. The garage is completely flooded, along with Mary Ann’s car. The truck is higher off the ground and I think it may be okay. There is floating garbage everywhere. I  am usually prepared … Continue reading

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The Classic Gerrymander

How does a minority party manage to win majorities in so many states? Easy, you just construct the most convoluted districts possible to ensure your guy can’t lose. (Oh, and make it extremely difficult for minorities to vote.) Now it … Continue reading

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Paper Currency

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Sometimes It’s Hard To Tell The Difference

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From Half Dome To Chrome Dome

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