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Quick Sketch 10/11/18

Wasn’t this the guy who used to complain that Obama wasn’t paying enough attention to natural disasters?

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The New Grrrl Order

Equal rights? Yes. Equal compensation? Of course. Equal justice? Absolutely. Equal intolerance? Not really a good strategy. I applaud women standing up for themselves. #MeToo was long overdue. But will the anger rally the righteous to victory, or recharge the … Continue reading

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The Last Hurrah

Republicans love to complain about Governor Jerry, but he has a habit of confounding his own party at times. If they think he’s too liberal, just wait until the next generation of Democrats take over.

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Let Us Prey

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Pass The Hat

Our congressman shows up in Nevada County once in a blue moon, which means he ain’t coming here this year.

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Lost In The Jungle

I have voted in every election since 1974. I have voted for Democrats. I have voted for Republicans. I have voted for third parties and I have voted for candidates with no political affiliation. My current voting status is no … Continue reading

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