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Meanwhile, In 1793

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That Sucking Sound

I swear I did this cartoon before the Rise Gold guy’s opinion piece ran in The Union. He still didn’t convince me.

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Outlaw Artist Strikes Again!

Fellow artist and criminal Miriam Morris was chastised by the Nevada City city council this week for her unauthorized art project on Commercial Street. Ms. Morris is well known to the Hysteric District for her decades long commitment to beautify … Continue reading

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

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A Ticking Time Bomb

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside unprotected…

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Be Prepared

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Inept V. Insane – June 2021

Watching the antics of our revisionist Republicans, I wonder how far they will go to regain and hold onto the reins of government? I have many Republican friends, many I have known since childhood, but when I see their screeds … Continue reading

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PRO TIP: You can’t kill a forest fire with an assault rifle.

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The Circle Is Complete

As I have mentioned here before, I moved to Atlanta back in 1972. It was like a foreign country. Everything was strange and unfamiliar, until I wandered into a head shop on Peachtree Street, the Haight-Ashbury of Atlanta, and saw … Continue reading

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The Check’s In The Mail, Somewhere

A true story. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get misdirected mail. My PO Box is no better. A few years ago I had to have my paycheck sent twice because it didn’t arrive as usual. Months later … Continue reading

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