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Fugitive From The Funny Farm

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Looking For Mr. Goodnation

I get a fair amount of shit for my opinions on politics. It’s a good thing to stand in the middle of the road when you’re in this business, even if you have to dodge the steamrollers that try to … Continue reading

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Win One 4 The Gavin

Now that the recall is close to becoming a reality, Guv Gav is looking for all the support he can get.

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Hide The Matches

Who’s going to the mask burning party today?

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Georgia On My Mind

When I lived in Georgia I used to pass by the county work crews slaving away in the hot summer sun and 100% humidity, guarded by a fat ass deputy with a big gun and an attitude. Looks like things … Continue reading

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The Tattooed Town

In the latest episode of Nevada City’s “Perils of Planning” series, the new owners of the National Hotel dare to submit a proposal to paint their logo on the side of the building facing the entrance to town. There has … Continue reading

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Those Were The Daze, My Friend

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Of Serpents & Sausage

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Watching the Board of Supes meeting on Tuesday, Chairman Miller and staff offered to let the protestors come in from the cold numerous times, but most preferred to stand their ground.

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