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The Big Roundabout

Now that Grass Valley and Nevada City have converted parking spaces into mini-malls and street side dining rooms, it’s a real challenge to get any Christmas shopping done.

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Comments From The Nut Gallery

Every once in a blue moon someone will take me to task for something I said. In this case, I’m not sure what and where I opined on the subject of gender mutilation. For the record, I’m against letting young … Continue reading

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Here’s To You, Doc

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Gavin’s Purse Strings

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The Never Ending Campaign (Updated)

The 2022 election in Nevada County is all over for all intents and purposes, but for some it is only a brief respite until the next struggle for power and accountability. For local attorney Barry Pruett, the campaign never ends. … Continue reading

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Is It Yours Or Mine?

It’s called “predetermination” and it leaves voters to guess which candidate might lean in their direction.

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Equal Time

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Burning Money

Why another tax? Well, even though Nevada County is spending a ton of money, along with state and federal support, the battle against nature never ends. Go look at the fire breaks from just a few years ago and you’ll … Continue reading

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Next They’ll Be Taking Our Jobs

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I had to do a last minute edit after Gov. Newsom agreed to debate Brian Dahle.

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