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Going, Going, Pentagon

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The Biggest F*ck You

I don’t always see eye to eye with Michael Moore, but he nails this one. While liberals berate their neighbors as sexists and racists, this video explains the real reason Trump resonates with so many in this screwy election year.

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Decision 2016: Pantsuits or Lawsuits

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Missing in Action

This is not an endorsement of the Democratic challengers in their respective contests. I believe when you represent the people of your district, you have an obligation to come forward and defend your record in election years, regardless of party. … Continue reading

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Apoclownypse Now

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Season Of The Skunk

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Ballad of a Thin Man

Congratulations to Bobby D. for his much deserved Nobel Prize.

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Hail Mary Shelley

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Tinder Mercies

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Put It On My Bill

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