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Let’s hope that this latest rainfall and cooler weather have finally stopped the raging fires and given the brave firefighters a well deserved break. Then, to pick up the pieces of broken lives…

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Cloud Sighted Over California

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The Dan O’Neill Method

After I did this cartoon, O’Neill told me to stop drawing him. Ha! If he is going to go around teaching people to do this kind of subversive shit, it is only natural that his creations will turn the tables. … Continue reading

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Banned Book Week

You know you’ve made it when someone thinks enough of your book to burn it.

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Angel & Devil (Color Version)

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Open House @ The Union

This coming Thursday, September 25, I’ll be selling my wares at The Union’s 150th Anniversary Open House. This is an opportunity for the public to see the inner workings and people who produce the daily paper, and to air your … Continue reading

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Constitution Day 2014

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Ruh Roh!!!

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Every Home Should Have One…

…at least those with indoor plumbing.   .

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Coming To A Picnic Near You

I have my complaints about our commander-in-chief, but really. Sometimes I think the only reason the House of Reprehensibles hasn’t impeached him is they can’t find anyone who can spell the word impeachment.

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