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Goodbye 2022

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A White Elephant Never Forgets

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RL Speaks

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Cold Opening

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Morning Doodle 12/19

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Your Neighbor’s Keeper

The Office of Emergency Services will gladly listen to complaints about your neighbor’s unkempt acreage, but if you want them to do anything about it they’ll charge you 50% of his bill.

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A Friendly Investment

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Tanks Alot

On Tuesday, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors okayed the purchase of a Renco Bearcat armored vehicle for the Sheriff’s Department at a cost of $376,000 American. The Bearcat will replace the outdated MRAP armored vehicle obtained from the Department … Continue reading

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Gender, Blender, Or Pretender? You Be The Judge

Well, this ought to be interesting…

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The Big Roundabout

Now that Grass Valley and Nevada City have converted parking spaces into mini-malls and street side dining rooms, it’s a real challenge to get any Christmas shopping done.

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