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“If there is such a thing as the single most important cartoon in California history, it may well have been ‘The Curse Of California’ by Edward Keller in The Wasp dated August 19, 1882. It uses the symbol of the … Continue reading

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Spring Color in Grass Valley

Grass Valley is seeing yet another wonderful mural on Church Street. It’s nice to see these big blank walls turned into public art. Along with the Del Oro and the Grass Valley mural on Main Street, we are adding much … Continue reading

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The Beatings Go On

It never ceases to amaze me just how different two people can look at the same evidence and come to completely different conclusions. Over at Fox (and locally, the fanatical Trumpublickin’ bloggers) they have released the balloons, popped the champagne, … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

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Scenes From The Class Struggle In Nevada City

My old pal Pam (Sibley) Wood posted a few old covers I did for the late, lamented Nevada City Independent. It only lasted a few years, but what a time we had! Who can name this ancient comic strip character … Continue reading

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Fab Fur

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We went through this movie with Emgold and thought it was over. Ha! As long as there is gold in the ground, someone will try to try to bring it back to life.

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Lost In The Jungle

This Steve Baird character obviously put his name on the ballot for State Senator just to confuse voters, and many voters complied. You just can’t legislate against stupidity.

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The Eternal Festival

In May of 1970, myself and a couple thousand others participated in an illegal rock festival on Lime Kiln Road. It was little more than a local affair, drawing folks from around the foothills and Sacramento. There was a short … Continue reading

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