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The Empire Squeaks Back

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Trick Or Treat at the Del Oro

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The Monday Muse

It’s Monday already? The time seems to fly when there’s so much going on in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights… Life of Gi: San Francisco put on a textbook performance on how to win … Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas Does Not Shrug

I was feeling kind of burned out Saturday afternoon from over work on my graphic novel and arguing politics with other bloggers, so Mary Ann and I decided to take a chance on the new movie, Cloud Atlas, playing over … Continue reading

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Inept Vs. Insane: The End Is Near

I used to rent a house from Lorraine Andrews back in the eighties. Lorraine was quite a character. She was valedictorian of her class at UC Berkeley, (one of her classmates was Earl Warren) she owned the Lola Montez house … Continue reading

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Ghosts Of Halloween Past

This cartoon ran in The Union ten years ago, in October, 2002. It was a contentious election year, mostly due to the controversial land use initiative, NH2020. Two supervisors (Izzy Martin and Bruce Conklin) were supporters of NH2020 and were … Continue reading

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Oh, What A Night!

Well, we had the final presidential debate on foreign policy, generating much hot air and little else, tornadoes, thunder, lightning, hail, and The Giants won the pennant!!! I expect I’ll wake up in the morning to find out aliens have landed … Continue reading

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Rights of the Living Dead

Zombies are big business these days. I’ll bet George Romero never dreamed that his 1968 chump change budget movie Night of the Living Dead would literally spawn an entire industry devoted to the undead. Indeed, he had some success with the … Continue reading

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Inept Vs. Insane: Are We There Yet?

These are times of plenty for political satirists. The air is filled with gaffes, zingers, distortions and outright lies ready to be plucked from the ether and reassembled into witticisms for the suffering masses, who need something to laugh about. Sometimes, the laughter is … Continue reading

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Nisenan Heritage Day A Big Success

The following is a press release from Judith Lowry. The first annual Nisenan Heritage Day, held at the Miner’s Foundry on October 13, was a great success. Featured as an all-California Indian event, tribal leaders, scholars and culture bearers from … Continue reading

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