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Targeting Your Audience

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Before It Takes a Village Idiot graced the pages of The Union, I did a daily comic strip called Roadskill. It was the continuing adventures of Earl and Burl Squirrel and their nemesis, the road. Most of the strips involved … Continue reading

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Who We Are

This morning, President Obama uttered three words in his speech to the United Nations that had never been heard on the floor of that international body. The three words were “Grass Valley, California” and they were mentioned in the President’s tribute to Chris … Continue reading

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Mundane Monday

Where Does The Time Go?– What? It’s Monday already? I’ve been buried in bristol board and notebooks for most of the last month, working on The Great American Graphic Novel, but I did take time out to celebrate Mrs. Crabb’s … Continue reading

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Changing Seasons

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Drawing The Prophet

Yes, I know this is a touchy subject. These things tend to go viral, and I am opening myself up to endless protests by cartoon-burning mobs of the faithful, but there are some lines that must be crossed. There will … Continue reading

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A True Story

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(Talk Like A) Pirate Poll

This is not an endorsement, merely a desperate cartoonist’s lame attempt to come up with a stupid pirate pun that hasn’t already been done a million times.

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Thomas Nast

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Hope On The Field Of Dreams

In the midst of a contentious election, with the mideast on fire, the Chinese dishing up old grudges with the Japanese, and numerous accounts of assaults, burglaries and drunkeness in today’s police blotter, is there any reason to hope for … Continue reading

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