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Kiss My Ash

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I’m RL Crabb And I Approve This Monologue

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Send Lawyers, Guns & Money

Some of my friends are shocked that some of their friends are supporting this little shit shooter. It was like that at Kent State as well. Burning cities are the kind of thing that got Nixon reelected with 49 states … Continue reading

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Plodding Toward September

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley attempted to pass a bill repealing AB5 today. As the list of people (including me) who supported the effort was handed to Gonzalez, she tossed  it onto the floor. The “clean up” bill amending many of AB5’s … Continue reading

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Whose America Is It, Anyway?

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It’s Not A Contest

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Famous Last Words

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Old Lightning Rod Strikes

Ben and that wanker Tom Paine were America’s founding socialists. Thank Jesus Donald Trump is here to set things straight.

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Some people around here don’t think the locals are up to protesting on their own. There must be outsiders pulling the strings, right? And if there are some of those urban agitators in the crowd, so what? Marching down the … Continue reading

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The Curse of 2020?

I am currently experiencing technical problems with posting comments. If you have commented, the messages are still here, but not showing up on the posts. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved soon. Argh!

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