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In the next world, you’re on your own.

Some people remember where they were and what they were doing when some earth-shattering event came to pass, such as when JFK was assassinated or when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. There is one instance I recall as … Continue reading

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All Fools’ Eve

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Cactus Kool-Aid

Folks around these parts know I like to pick on the California legislature. They’re an easy target, with almost daily attempts to write and pass laws and regulations that generally defy logic or any purpose other than to prove to the electorate that they are … Continue reading

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Inept vs. Insane: Plodding Forward

As the primary season limps into a fourth excruciating month, Republicans are slowly becoming resigned to an inevitable Romney candidacy. He has kissed the ring of George H.W. the first, king of the bluebloods of Maine. The Bushies are big … Continue reading

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It’s the Stupid, Economy!

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Woodpecker Humor

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Waiting for the Supremes to sing

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My Generation can beat up your Generation

People try to put us down, just because we get around.              Things they do look awful cold. Hope I die before I get old              –The Who I remember when the two surviving members of The Who played the halftime show at the … Continue reading

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Behold, the Justice Dome!

I did this cartoon before the state decided we needed a new courthouse, but it could still be the answer to Nevada City’s problems. And if we didn’t attract enough high profile court cases, maybe we could get a professional … Continue reading

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Inept vs. Insane: Advising the Enemy

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the media lately. In almost every newspaper and blog, Democrats are openly advising the GOP how to avoid getting blown out in the November election. What’s up with that? Now I know that the … Continue reading

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