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Help Wanted

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Like-minded Individuals

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Summer Of ’21

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If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

In the past few years there’s a lot of squawking from the folks out on Highway 174 about the Cal Trans road widening project. “It will ruin the ambiance,” they say. “It will make people drive faster,” they say. All … Continue reading

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Didn’t See That Coming

I don’t know how Joe could be any more clueless about the outcome of this disaster. Watching his inept state department roll out every weak excuse in the book while he hides out at Camp David isn’t helping his image … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, at Mar-a-Lago…

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A big thank you to all the support teams out there who made it work.

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The Good Ol’ Daze

There’s been some grumbling over Nevada County Public Health Officer Scott Kellerman implying that “in the old days” one might get shot for not wearing a mask in public. But as this century-old cartoon shows, our grandparents were much less … Continue reading

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Comical Race Theory

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