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Sway The Vote

Ironically, I did this cartoon before the hit piece on clerk/recorder candidate Natalie Adona came out. These people are so predictable.

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The Road Less Traveled

Every now and then some joker will get the idea that he can somehow circumvent our designated commercial highways and come out the other side unscathed. This usually happens during the winter months, when Caltrans closes I-80 and Highway 20 … Continue reading

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Inept v. Insane: No Shortage Of Bad Ideas

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Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson, long time voice on this comment thread, passed away due to pancreatic cancer on May 10th. Chris and I met in the 6th grade at Hennessy School in Grass Valley. In later years we were roommates in Nevada … Continue reading

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Where Every Day Is Moving Day

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Mother’s Day

A political party that forces a woman to bear the bitter fruit of rape and incest, or places her health in jeopardy has no right to call itself pro-life.

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Remembering Kliban

Bernard “Hap” Kliban was one of my favorite cartoonists, an exceptionally nice man who gave me much encouragement when the ink was still wet behind my ears. I should have been doing yard work today, but instead I drew this … Continue reading

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