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Scaredy Cats

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Window Dressing

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Marching Into History

I’m proud to be a part of this wacky group of presidents-for-a-day.

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Tick Or Treat

What?Another tax? It doesn’t appear as ridiculous when you consider we’ve had at least six fires in our county in the last month. Fortunately, all of them were contained, but with the fuel loads around here it’s just a matter … Continue reading

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Truck Off

I have nothing against unions. I used to be in one a long time ago in a factory far, far away. But I also believe we have a right to work outside of unions and companies, if I have have … Continue reading

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Capitol Gasbags

Why don’t I buy an electric car? I don’t have a spare $40-$60 grand to spare right now.

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Dakota Sid Clifford

Dakota Sid Clifford has passed on to that great campground in the cloud, where he is now reunited with the love of his life, Jennifer. Sid has been a pillar of the local musician community for almost half a century, … Continue reading

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Days Of Whine & Covid

The crankypants crew is back at the Rude…I mean, ROOD Center doing what they do best. Complain and threaten.

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Easy Come, Easy Gone

A true story. Last week the phone line died. (Fortunately, AT&T managed to get it working again.) This week, water leak in our ancient rotting galvanized pipes. Stay tuned for updates…

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Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em

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