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Can You Hear Me Now?

At the last Nevada City Planning Commission meeting, it was pointed out (once again) that the proposed Verizon tower on Friar Tuck’s could not be rejected for reasons of health. That didn’t prevent numerous citizens from complaining about the potential … Continue reading

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But Syriasly…

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Obituary For A Fallen Friend

Clovis (March 2000 – September 18, 2016) Alias Kittyman, Mr. Stripey, Tommy Tiger, Tom Drooley, Coco, Shorty, and a few other endearing nicknames. He was a survivor, and the best damn cat walking. He is missed terribly. RIP

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Greetings From The Great White Father

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If I didn’t include your favorite conspiracy, well, it must be a conspiracy.

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History Regurgitates Itself

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Merry Widows Make Big Splash!

Another Constitution Day parade is in the history books. The Mermaidy Widows received Best Float honors. Congratulations, Ladies!!!                                             … Continue reading

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Constitution Day 2016

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Three Words

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And Your Homework Assignment Is…

There are seventeen initiatives on the November ballot. Get to work!!!

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