History Regurgitates Itself


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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    That’s “President RegurgiTrump” to you, media peasant.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    The perfect storm; when you have 12 mediocre candidates, the most outrageous one wins by plurality. And like Oberman has pointed out, one can make a steady stream of bigoted and asinine comments unparalleled in election history, but when his conventional opponent calls him and his followers nutbags, suddenly that comment is inexcusable.
    I don’t trust Queen Hillary as far as I can spit, but this media-infused determination to make this a money-making horse race is a load of barn droppings. Anyone who backs Trump as a viable Presidential candidate IS a frickin’ nutbag, or at the least, one who stands with the Republican brand over political sanity.


    • Greg Goodknight says:

      The sometimes severe animosity shown Trump supporters fuels the suspicion that Trump’s actual voter support is higher than the polls have captured, and by the USC/LA Times Daybreak poll, Trump is up by 6.4%. Even Nate Silver’s 538 has it a 59/41 race by electoral college breaks, and a mere 1.7% edge in the popular vote.

      There are plenty of nutbags to go around.

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    valid: having a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent.

    If validity is the standard, it could be easily argued that Nun of the Above is every bit as valid a choice as Trump. Conversely, and unlike Nun of the Above, comments from the Republican candidate show him to be a mental invalid, yet certainly one step above those who buy into his bullshit.
    Then again, say what you will of the Tangerine Menace; he’s got millions of idiots groveling at his feet.

  4. Greg Goodknight says:

    Perhaps not enough people know what you think about Trump, Chris. Maybe being louder and more assaultive would help.

    The first Trump supporter I met, sitting on an adjacent bar stool last winter is a friend I have in common with the Crabbman. Intelligent, mild mannered. Apparently Republican. He was an early Trump supporter mainly because he thought Trump could break through the media wall held up by your sort of invective. At the moment, the USC/LA Times Daybreak poll has Trump winning the popular vote by 6 or 7 percent. Tomorrow may be different.

    Me, I’ll be voting for the Stoner but Johnson will lose this time, too, and, in any case it’s 99.44% certain Clinton will win every Elector from the formerly great state of California.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Yes Greg, try as I might to personally control The Donald, he has truly broken free of my invective force field. Fortunately, I predict that he will self-destruct, come Monday’s debate, and I can return to my quiet ways. Not that anything less than an outright melt-down would sway his minions from their wayward quest.
      After that, there will be nothing left but the mop-up of the few who will postulate the conspiracy that I, Clinton, and the evil media, spiked his water.

      Not to cast doubt on your choice of candidate, but Johnson was my choice also, until time ran out and it became apparent that he, like other third party candidates of the last 200 years, doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. (“Aleppo, wasn’t he one of the Marx Brothers?”) The only thing anyone can get from voting for him now is being able to pass yourself off as some sort of pseudo civic sage. It’s the equivalent of a beauty contestant calling for world peace: exceptionally meaningless.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        Aleppo was the guy who carved Pinocchio, and the question was devoid of ramp up, just a ‘what should the US policy be on a Leppo’. Johnson speaks often about Syria and once he caught the context, did his usual. It was a gotcha question that succeeded beyond MSNBC’s dreams, desperate to knock Johnson’s hopes of being on the “debate” stage into the gutter.

        I’m sorry you’re taking the lesser of two evils path, Chris, but the lesser evil remains evil. Vote for Hill if you really want her driving the Federal Government for the next four years, or when she keels over for good, whichever comes first. Vote for the stoner if you want someone who is honest and doesn’t play games… ask Hillary something that stumps her and she’ll pivot to something else, Johnson drew a blank because he hasn’t been glued to the TV watching heartbreaking videos of the cute kid subjected to tra. A two term governor of a fairly liberal state who has a two term governor of an even more liberal state for VP, he’ll be getting a more hefty vote percentage than any LIB in history, since the Whigs fell apart that is.

        Scott Adams thought Hillary won on points, Trump wins the election.

        Michael Moore apparently agrees with Adams.

        • Chris Peterson says:

          I, respectfully, disagree. Neither of us is a professional politician running for President of the United States, but although neither of us might agree with the other’s answer, we could have both, nonetheless, answered the question. I can’t name a city in the world that has received as much coverage as Aleppo in the last few months. So, “gotcha question?” I think not.
          No, I think Chris Mathews’ question, “Name a foreign leader you admire”, is much more a “gotcha'” question, by far. Can’t personally think of one, off hand.
          And both Johnson and his running mate were two term liberal governors of decidedly conservative states.
          Finally, it’s my opinion that America is taking more of an IQ test, this election, than a choice between two evils. One person is offering the same-old, traditional, bullshit cures for what ails us, the other offers his own particular brand of snake oil, the ingredients of which are not only obscure, but based on years of tried-and-failed experiments in social and business behavior. Then again, any supposedly wealthy man who wakes at 3am to tweet about the non-existent sex tape of a “fat pig” Argentinian beauty contestant certainly has the temperament to lead the free world into a brighter tomorrow. #upyourtrump

          • Greg Goodknight says:

            It took me a few hours to come up with Winston Churchill and Golda Meir. It took Johnson overnight to decide he couldn’t think of any, that he admired.

            The question out of the blue was about what the US policy should be about Aleppo. The answer is that at this time, US policy is what it is… we can’t do a damn thing about it, that time is long past. Maybe the “moderator” of the upcomin’ wil ask Hillary, the architect of how we got to where we are, the same question.

            PS I can’t find where Trump called the Miss Universe a “fat pig”. It should also be noted that if Trump lost the amount of weight she gained in the year after being crowned Miss U, he’d be considered a weight appropriate for 6’2″.

            If you want to eat, don’t take a year contract that requires regular appearances at your swimsuit best and not much else.

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