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The Old Switcheroo

This is the first draft of the proposed congressional redistricting. Looks like we’ll lose Doug LaMalfa and gain Tom McClintock.

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I’m Good To Go

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The Ones That Got Away

The beasties got a break, but they will be baking again if we don’t have a decent winter…

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Grid Your Loins

In an effort to identify power lines that have been compromised, PG&E recently adjusted their sensitivity to automatically shut down when a possible problem arises. As a result, power to some rural areas have gone dead almost daily. When queried … Continue reading

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Trick Or Tirade

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In recent times it has become fashionable to diss Columbus Day as exhibit one in the destruction of native American culture, but the genesis of the traditional Italian American holiday goes a bit deeper. All proving, once again, that history … Continue reading

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Square Peg Round Hole 2.0

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What Were Vices Are Now Habits

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Lubrication Nation

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