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Yes We Con – Day Four: History Defeats Itself

It’s tempting to compare this year’s presidential slugfest with the Carter/Reagan contest of 1980. Obama, like Jimbo, is a stubborn man who’s used to getting his way. He intially impressed people with his command of language and positive outlook on … Continue reading

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Yes We Con – Day Three: The Voice That Launched A Thousand Search Engines

We Americans are well known for our short attention span. It’s hard to stay focused when you are hard-wired into the tsunami of information spewing out of the big plasma screen in your living room or the dinky one in … Continue reading

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Yes We Con – Day Two: The Blond Leading The Blond

Back in the days when I prowled the backroads of Eastern Washington, I visited the little town of Roslyn, where they were shooting the TV series Northern Exposure. There were no camera crews there, but all the familiar landmarks stood … Continue reading

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Inept vs. Insane: Yes We Con

Ranting season officially opens today with the beginning of the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida, although there is more rain than rant on the menu thanks to hurricane Isaac. UN scientists attempted to disrupt the event from their secret base … Continue reading

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Living La Vida Local

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I’m always on the lookout for a story that lends itself to a good cartoon, and I thought I had one this week. Niel Locke proposed making Nevada City the “companion” city to the Burning Man festival at Black Rock … Continue reading

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Nevada State Of Mind

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Mother Lodita

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Are You A Man Or A Mouse? (Or A Pussy?)

There are many reports of seemingly insane futile gestures in the news these days. In Tibet, a Buddhist monk sets himself on fire to protest the brutal suppression of his religion and culture by the occupying Chinese. It’s about as … Continue reading

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The “Flat” Tax

There is a narrow passageway connecting Broad Street to Spring Street just to the left of Cirino’s Restaurant in Nevada City that most of us old timers fondly remember as Duffy’s Alley, from the name of the bar that used … Continue reading

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