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Happy New Year, Jeff & Bruce

Here’s a comment from Jeff Pelline’s blog, where he constantly decries the lack of civility in our online conversations. The subject is the rude comments directed at Union columnist Hilary Hodge. Can you say “irony?”… “I sympathize with Hilary Hodge … Continue reading

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Winners & Losers

I may not get every prediction right, but sometimes I come awful close. This cartoon first appeared in 2013. (For those who complain I never whup on Obama.)

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Exit, Stage Left…

Carrie Fisher watching her mother perform.

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The Internator

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San French

I am sorry to report the passing of my old friend, Sherwin (San) French. (with hat at left) We met in 1970 when he was playing keyboards with the Sacramento heavy metal band, Trakstod. He fell in love with Nevada … Continue reading

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The War On Christmas

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Last Minute Christmas Present Suggestion

For Uncle Caligula.

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The New Reality

From The New Yorker.

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It Can’t Happen Here

“Nazism seemed to many just an extreme version of what (most Germans) had always believed in or taken for granted. It was nationalistic, respectful of the armed forces, socially conservative, disdainful of laziness, hostile to eccentric or incomprehensible ideas that … Continue reading

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Unwelcome Guest

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