The Golden Calf

I remember when Republicans were just straight, button-down boring. Now they’re even weirder than Democrats, and that’s saying something…

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Bragging Rights

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The New Girl

Because female corporate logos are under represented in the Glenbrook Basin.

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The Air Pirates Redux

A new documentary on my sometime partner in crime…

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Good Riddance

One less fascist in the world tonight…

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Hoard Of The Flies

These days, a trip to the dump…I mean, transfer station…is a three hour errand, all but ten minutes of it is waiting in line. Garbage has got to be our number one export…

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Happy Valentine’s Day

At a time when past presidents have come under fire, I offer this Valentine to show my appreciation for the good they did without denying their less honorable deeds. A pity they don’t feel the same way in some of our progressive circles…


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Trials And Tribulations

“An incompetent attorney can delay a trial for months or years. A competent attorney can delay one even longer.”     – Evelle J. Younger

It looks like the shitshow in Washington will continue to dominate the news, except for Fox. We’ll continue to be subjected to more pointless testimony and hearsay evidence and the result will be the same.

Can any sane person imagine how this would play out if Obama had done half of what Trump is accused of fomenting? And it is telling how Democrats can ignore Maxine Waters telling her people to confront Republicans and run them out of restaurants.

It’s been a busy week of traveling and deadlines for me, so I didn’t watch the impeachment trial. Instead I watched Spielburg’s Lincoln on HBO yesterday. Amazing how little things have changed in the way this country is governed. Except that in 1865, Congress actually mustered up the courage to do the right thing.

At least I accomplished one thing this week. I’m halfway there…

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Cooling Trend

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S. Clay Wilson

Legendary ZAP cartoonist S. Clay Wilson has passed into the void. He was the creator of the Checkered Demon, Rudy the Dyke and hundreds of other despicable characters.

He had been bedridden for years after being found beaten and unconscious in the street after returning home from a neighbor’s one night. No one has ever found out what happened to put him in that condition.

He has been cared for all this time by his long time partner, Lorraine Chamberlain. (Photo by Jackie Estrada)

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