It’s A Job

There will still be work in security even if the bars close. And no, your phony exemption card won’t fly in this establishment.

Ripped from today’s police blotter…

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Here We Goat Again

Over two separate terms on the Nevada City City Council, Reinette Senum has managed to garner national (and even international) headlines for her controversial opinions, ranging from killer cops to her present stand on the legality of wearing masks. Despite the negative press coverage for the city, her supporters either agree with her or choose to look the other way and focus her accomplishments promoting the farmer’s market, pedestrian upgrades on Commercial St. and the “Goatfundme” campaign to defoliate fire prone areas surrounding the city.

But this time she may have alienated too many residents. Vacation rental facilities are reporting cancellations and the rhetoric surrounding the use of masks has divided an already divided community.

Reinette could have worded her objections to the mask mandate any number of ways that wouldn’t have triggered the latest media feeding frenzy, but that would require learning from past mistakes, something the mayor has never been able to grasp.

The outgoing city council will hold a special session to deal with the issue on Tuesday. Look for pre-Fourth of July fireworks.

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Nancy Says…

Please practice social responsibility, folks!

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Daily Scribble 6/24/20

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

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Viva La Revolution

History doesn’t repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes…

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A Mask Is Not A Gag

“As you go about your business today, KNOW there is no law that orders you to Wear a Mask. Our Governor does not have that unilateral power to make such orders. While I know the HEADLINES over the last couple days have stated something different, that is because journalism is dead.”

Reinette Senum – Mayor of Nevada City 6/20/20

Whether or not Mayor Screwball is correct about Governor Wonderful’s authority, the idea behind the mandatory mask order was an attempt to protect the public, and to give businesses cover from lawsuits. We all want to keep California open, and given the recent spike in cases wearing a mask is much better than going back to another lock down. Wearing a mask on your face is the best way to cover your ass.

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What Goes Around…

The editor who was recently retired from the New York Times for running the Tom Cotton opinion piece was also responsible for eliminating the paper’s editorial cartoons. The artist here is Kevin Kallaugher, who goes by the name KAL.

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A Monumental Task

We are reaching the tipping point, and I don’t mean just tipping old confederate statues. Our competing ideologies have retreated to the far ends of the spectrum where any kind of compromise is seen as treachery.

Can cooler heads prevail? I’d like to think so, but when the extremes are obsessed with winning it all, it seems unlikely.

As I have said here before, it’s too bad that we are bent on destroying such a nice country.

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The One That Got Away

The Nevada County Fair Board canceled this year’s event due to Covid-19 concerns, but this story is not over. Stay tuned for further gory details…

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