Remembering Bob Drake

Today would have been the 76th birthday of Bob Drake, who came here in 1989 from the wilds of Ohio to establish the legendary Wiley’s Bar in Nevada City. Bob commissioned many t-shirt designs during Wiley’s all too brief existence, but this was always my favorite.

I lift my glass to you, Robert, and hope that you and Tom Coleman, Ray Dalugge, Jim Morales and all the other past saloon owners of Nevada City are raising hell and saving us a seat at the bar.

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Turkey Time

We may be physically distant, but we will always be connected.

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Senatorial Sweepstakes

Governor Newsom’s shiny image has been tarnished by a series of screw-ups. Now he’s being tasked with replacing Senator and Vice President-elect Harris. No matter who he picks, some group will no doubt be offended.

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All The President’s Dogs

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The Shelter-At-Home Syndrome

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The Purple Purge Returns

Well, we’re back in the purple tier again…*sigh*…

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Grumpy Old Man Vents

I anticipate some blow back on this post, but it articulates my opinion concerning the Democratic party. I was a Democrat for most of my voting life, and it’s not enjoyable to be at odds with the party of FDR and JFK. They were smart enough to know that running on political correctness and democratic socialism would be disastrous in 2020, but the heirs of the party are certainly headed in that direction.

Yeah, I’m just another “bitter old white man” who can’t keep up with the evolving attitudes of our time. I can’t change my spots. (They’re liver spots.)

But if we’re going to be so culturally constipated, I don’t really want to be around to see it.

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I’ve been drawing politicians for forty-odd years now, Democrat, Republican or whatever. I’ve always tried to see them as people with whom I may disagree, but not despise. I can’t really say that about the current crew running the show. I’ve never seen such a blatant lack of ethics, empathy and disregard for the truth, and that’s saying a lot.


And the sad thing is so many of my fellow countrymen can’t see it at all…

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Head Start

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No More Walls

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