Let The Chips Fall…

At the very least, they could saved poor folks a ton of money for firewood.

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Who’s For Breakfast?

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Bridge Over Trollbered Water

The Big Storm did a number on the bridge over Little Deer Creek in Pioneer Park. During the Covid ban on indoor gatherings the park was the refuge of the Shifters group meetings every Friday afternoon, weather permitting.

We (and the trolls) hope the bridge and the park will eventually recover from this seasonal beating.

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Inept v. Insane: Sh*t Show 2022

It’s a sad thing to watch your country go down the sewer because these morons spend more time throwing shit instead of getting it together.

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Chaos Caroling

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When You Come To A Fork In The Road…

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2021 IS OVER!

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Turning The Page

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Merry Christmas

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