Winters Is Coming

I’m planning on attending this little shindig, if for no other reason, to shake the hand of Mr. Jon Cooke, who put this massive historical treasure together. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop in and say “hey!”

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I was cruising Facebook last Saturday and noticed three or four posts from friends in the south county warning of massive storm clouds headed our way. Mary Ann and I ran to the backyard, where we had just planted this year’s tomatoes. We covered everything up and got back inside about twenty minutes before the hail storm arrived.

So yeah, social media saved our garden. Thanks!

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Freak Show

Only three more voting days to choose the lesser of one evil. Kiley and Dahle have really outdone themselves in the mud wrestling ring during this farce of an election, totally ignoring Ringmaster Reagan’s 11th commandment. (Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republican.)

Truly, all pretense of civility has been abandoned by the new owner of the GOP brand. P.T. Barnum would blush at the naked aggression displayed since President Donald fired his rivals in 2016 and went on to instill fear into his cabinet and any elected conservative foolish enough to bad mouth him.

All that has been compounded by California’s top two primary, leaving us with one stinky elephant to choose from. I suspect the stands will be mostly empty once the receipts are counted.

And if that keeps happening, maybe the voters will wise up and go back to elections where they actually have a choice.

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The White Sand Road

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Memorial Day 2019

Richard “Doc” Halstead served two thirteen month tours in Vietnam as a combat medic in the U.S. Marines. Wounded twice, and received two purple hearts. A better friend I will never find. Rest in peace.

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Secretary of Obstruction

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The Cloud

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