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The City Manager

Beryl Robinson shepherded Nevada City through 40 years of big changes from the freeway to the creation of the historical district. His big imprint on the city’s politics will never be matched.

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During the Battle of the Bulge, in December of 1944, the Germans demanded the surrender of the besieged American defenders of Bastogne. General Anthony McCauliff replied with the word; “NUTS!” Sometimes you have to have nuts in in an increasingly … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2023

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Rupert To The Rescue

A handful of Fox News anchors are breathing a little easier tonight knowing that Daddy Foxbucks has spared them from having to tell the truth under oath, which would have caused them to spontaneously combust live on TV. Too bad.

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Senator Moonbeam?

Democrats are becoming more and more agitated by Dianne Feinstein’s absence from her senate seat, most notably on the judiciary committee where numerous judgeships are hanging in limbo. Every day there are calls for her immediate resignation. It presents a … Continue reading

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Everything, Everywhere, Everywho

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Trump Arraignment Syndrome

Yeah, he’s that crooked…

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