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The Condiment Conspiracy

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California: The “Decline To” State

Latest voter registration: Independents top GOP

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Elect Beelzebub

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Illegal Block

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History Regrets Itself

News article from The Advocate (Australia) Tuesday, January 9, 1934. Shortly after Hitler became chancellor of Germany.

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Lenny Bruce Is Rolling In His Grave

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This cartoon has been fluttering around my studio for weeks. It’s about time to let it fly…

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Even The Irish Have African Roots

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Beware The Airhorn Rattler!

It’s slithering season again. Remember to flip that old board in your backyard with a shovel or rake before you stick your fingers under there. I’ve already seen one person with a nasty bite on his hand. He almost lost … Continue reading

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The Three Busketeers

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