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Kathy Griffin

“Comedy is not pretty”   –Steve Martin Just a friendly reminder that president shaming is a bi-partisan sport. Kathy Griffin is only the latest casualty in the war on civility. She’s no babe in the woods. She intended for her image … Continue reading

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Cash Crop

I hear that ciggies are ten bucks a pack nowadays.

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Every year, a few deluded souls take the plunge, believing they can beat the undertow, the rapids and the freezing cold water. They always lose.

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Open For Business

You know there are some people who would pull over…

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If You Order Now, We’ll DOUBLE The Offer…

It was inevitable, really. Of course, now we’ll all have to start using the Trumps to hawk our wares…

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I’m not saying who @#*>&% is. It really makes little difference, or indifference as the case may be. It goes back to the “one eye blind” myopia that has infected so much of America. We just refuse to see any … Continue reading

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Appreciating The Expletive (Be Forewarned)

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Clouds On The Eastern Front

Attorney-Generalissimo Jeff Sessions has promised to upend the lax drug policies of the last administration. It remains to be seen how he will handle the states that have voted to legalize recreational cannabis.

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$ilver Bullets

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You may have noticed the newly bald parking lot at the Grass Valley Post Office. Why is it so difficult to design these asphalted atrocities with enough root room to allow trees to flourish? It’s almost like a foliaged version … Continue reading

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