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No Middle Ground

Nobody said solving the problems of this dysfunctional nation would be easy, but you’d think after all these years the two parties could come to a compromise to end the madness at the border. Rick Perry wants a military solution. … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different…

The back cover of my 1994 comic, Planet of Geeks.

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Altered States

For the record, I know that there will never be a State of Jefferson, or six Californias, or any other configuration of counties or regions. I don’t think there are many folks who actually believe in that fantasy. There are … Continue reading

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Due to massive bottle breakage and damaged barrels at Napa County wineries, authorities have issued a tsunami warning for the lower Napa River, where winos from all over the bay area are expected to congregate with buckets, jugs and winesacks … Continue reading

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Back in 1982, my then father-in-law Frank Kane invited me to submit a cartoon for the San Francisco Press Club’s annual publication, SCOOP. It was a great honor, and part of my reward was sitting next to Charles Schulz at … Continue reading

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Tiny Jaws (Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go In The Backyard)

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The Portraits of Dorian Crabb

Scoopy is complaining that I ridicule his physical appearance. (In this case, not a picture, but referring to him as Big Bubba.) Then, for good measure, he states that he could make light of my physical shortcomings, but he would … Continue reading

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Davy Crockett’s Advice To Aspiring Politicians

As we head into the fall election, candidates search for a winning strategy to attract voters. Some will rely on straight party line politics, either Republican or Democrat, and hope that the independents will ultimately vote for the lesser of … Continue reading

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Can’t Pass A Water Bond? Here’s A Solution…

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Bear Logic

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