No Middle Ground

Nobody said solving the problems of this dysfunctional nation would be easy, but you’d think after all these years the two parties could come to a compromise to end the madness at the border. No Middle Ground670Rick Perry wants a military solution. How long would it be before it would end in bloodshed and tragedy? Isn’t Ferguson enough of a warning about how a military confrontation can go terribly wrong. And Jerry Brown…Do you really think opening up the immigration floodgates in a state that already has too many people on welfare is a great idea?

It’s just one of the issues that leads me to believe the world (and the two party system) has lost its marbles.

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  1. george rebane says:

    Did we really have a “military confrontation” in Ferguson that went “terribly wrong”?

    • rlcrabb says:

      It certainly wasn’t anything to brag about.

      • Greg Goodknight says:

        Bob, the officer in Ferguson was closer to Barney Phife than the GVPD swat squad, the last guy his chief thought would ever be involved in a shooting.

        Riot gear came out after the riots started and when the National Guard was called out, they didn’t confront the crowds, they apparently mostly provided security for the civilian law enforcement command post. So, no, Ferguson was not a poster child for Rambo police departments.

        • rlcrabb says:

          As I recall, at least two of them had to “retire” for their over the top reactions to the protestors. Let’s face it, there were no heroes in this sorry episode.

  2. Todd Juvinall says:

    Like the middle ground in Sacramento? Or when Pelosi had the House and Obamacare? The “compromise” is always the right moving to the left. Never the other way. The country was run in the House for forty years by the democrats until 1995. I failed to see many “compromises” on the concerns of the right.

  3. Honestly…do you know what my reaction was regarding the violent eruption in Ferguson? I wouldn’t want to live near large populated areas where the inhabitants use any excuse to loot, burn and destroy their neighbors property. A young man is shot by a policeman and before any facts are known….people explode into violence destroying the businesses they need for their necessities….food, employment etc. Sorry, there isn’t any excuse for abusing others like that.

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