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Native Son

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For The Birds

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Downhill From Here

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It’s A Conspiracy!

Is it AI? Is it CGI? Or is it just coincidence that Texas Congressdude Chip Roy bears a striking resemblance to Nevada County’s right wing firebrand, George Rebane? Or could it be that Rebane cracked the cloning code and recreated … Continue reading

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Hole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

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My Life As A Juvenile Delinquent

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No Grass

Every day the city crews are out there gobbling up more parking spaces to make room for outdoor dining. Who really wants to sit next to a busy street inhaling exhaust fumes while you down a burger and craft brew? … Continue reading

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The Last Taste Of Summer

Yes, we’re down to the bottom of the barrel. It’s back to tasteless pulp or $5 heirlooms from the supermarket. Sad.

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Release The Hound.

This past week Nevada City made their search & rescue canine an official officer of the law.

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Calendar For 2024

2024 promises to be a year of turbulence and turmoil, but you can get a laugh at least once a month by ordering one of my dandy Nevada City calendars featuring some of my favorite cartoons from the Village Idiot … Continue reading

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