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Freedumb In Your Backyard

The Freedumb Angels are familiar characters around these parts. They’ve participated in protests during Board of Supervisor meetings demanding that businesses be allowed to reopen during the pandemic. In this video, taken shortly before the insurrection party in Washington, they … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life

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The Final Days

As Oliver Hardy would say, “Well, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.” The Dear Leader has finally shown his true self, a face and personality that has been painfully obvious to any reasonably sane person for five … Continue reading

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And Now A Word From Your Congressman…

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Another Milestone Around My Neck

Seventy…I never thought I’d make it this far. I did just about everything I could to prevent it, but as the Donald says, it is what it is…

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Merry Christmas

Photo by Karen Chizek

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2020 Marches On

It’s been a hell of a week. My brother’s significant other passed away in her sleep after recovering from surgery following a stroke. Allan Rogers of the Frame Shop passed away after a long battle with cancer, and now Cowboy … Continue reading

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Empty Vessels

The anti-maskers now feel obliged to rattle their noggins at the homes of city council members and flaunt their naked faces on the streets of Nevada City. Meanwhile the Covid death count climbs. Insanity.

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Ghosts Of Shiftmas Past

Back in 2006 I did a series of cartoons reimagining Dickens’ Christmas story with me as Marley and former Congressman John Doolittle as Scrooge. That period of Nevada County history was the tail end of a contentious decade of rough … Continue reading

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