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Changing Of The Guard

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Twerk Will Set You Free

The world was aghast this weekend when former Disney superstars Mickey and Minnie Mouse performed the new dance craze, “twerking” on the MTV awards show. “I am totally disgusted,” tweeted Morning Joe co-host Mika Berzerkski. Similar voices echoed the outrage … Continue reading

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Memo To The “Coast People”

Over at the Sierra Foothills Report, blogger Jeff Pelline is getting all worked up over the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and their plot to destroy Nevada County’s economy. First off, he accuses The Union of working hand in hand with … Continue reading

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The World Is Askew

Things are getting back to normal here at Crabb Hollow, if there is such a thing as normal anymore. Mary Ann is recovering nicely from her surgery, I’m happy to report, and no more appliances have broken since my last … Continue reading

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The Giant Jackalope Of Dubois, Wyoming

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Hoop Snakes

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Milking Trout

A long time ago, in a publishing environment far, far away, I did a comic called The Natural Inquirer for Fantagraphics Books. It was a collection of rare beasts usually ignored by men of science. I found a copy the … Continue reading

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Perpetually Annoyed

Last night I watched the new Larry David film Clear History on HBO. Man, I can really relate to David’s character, a successful hippy ad exec who lucks into a start-up company that plans to produce a revolutionary electric car. … Continue reading

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Get Back To Nature

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You may have noticed that things have been a little slow here at RL Sorry ’bout that. Most of my energies have been focused on my wife, Mary Ann, who is recovering from major surgery. Unlike her gadfly husband, … Continue reading

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