You may have noticed that things have been a little slow here at RL Sorry ’bout that. Most of my energies have been focused on my wife, Mary Ann, who is recovering from major surgery. Unlike her gadfly husband, Mary Ann is a private person who tends to shy away from airing her personal life for all to see, so I’ve been quiet about it until now. She is recovering nicely, thank you, but still requires my full attention.

Due to these circumstances, I am going to shelve the weekly Roadskyll comic for the duration. I’ll still be blogging as time allows, but to produce the kind of quality comic strip I have envisioned for Earl and Co. is beyond my abilities at present. Don’t worry, like the Terminator, “I’ll be back!”

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7 Responses to Roadblock

  1. Ken Jones says:

    Sincere wishes and I hope Mary Ann recovers completely from her surgery. You have your priorities straight Mr. Crabb.

  2. Eric Bare says:

    All the best for Mariane Bob. Hope all is well.

  3. Todd Juvinall says:

    Give my best to your wife. You are a good husband.

  4. Take your time and take care of Mary Ann. We’ll leave the light on for you.

  5. San French says:

    Dear Bob,
    Along with all others, I wish MA a careful recovery. Having known the both of youse for over 40 yrs…I know you’re both made of tough and beautiful stuff. I just hope you have the proper attire…nurse outfit repleat w/ sensible white shoes and hat? No sluffing about while in attendance. And yes, we’ll all be awaitng the return of Earl & Co. Godspeed and much love to you both.

  6. PeteK says:

    Bob, Take all the time you need. Family is the most important thing in life and I think that is something that people from all backgrounds, races, religions and political parties can agree on. Wishing Mary Ann a speedy recovery.

  7. Russ Steele says:


    We are wishing Mary a quick recovery and your return to the pen and ink.

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