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Diary Of A Teenage Girl

We went to see the movie adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic autobio, Diary of a Teenage Girl today. It’s a wonderful film, although it may be a bit too revealing for some. Phoebe grew up in San Francisco in the … Continue reading

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Jack Kirby

Back in the waning days of 1963, I was looking over the comics selection at Williams’ Stationary in Grass Valley. I hadn’t been keeping up with comic books much, the DC brand was too juvenile for my 12 year old … Continue reading

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Sexist Pigs 4 Trump

Wonder what her pet cause would be? Maybe clothing for underdressed supermodels?

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Podunk Report

While making my daily rounds of Nevada County Voices, I noticed that my former editor over at Sierra Foothill Report took a swipe at me today. I usually try to avoid “Scoopy” and his snarky attitude, but if he’s going … Continue reading

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Up In The Sky!…It’s A Bird!…It’s A Plane!…It’s A….?

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Coming Distractions

Yes, the fair is in town, but the real circus is the ongoing presidential sweepstakes. It’s no secret that I disdain both parties in this farce. Every day, they move farther and farther from the center. It could be that … Continue reading

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Past Lives Matter

With the current feeding frenzy over the legacy of the confederate flag, it occurred to me that Nevada County has its own problem with the symbols of our history. The gold miner that proudly adorns our county seal is a … Continue reading

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And So It Begins…

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