Coming Distractions

Nunny at Parade167Yes, the fair is in town, but the real circus is the ongoing presidential sweepstakes. It’s no secret that I disdain both parties in this farce. Every day, they move farther and farther from the center. It could be that a new face is needed to bring some clarity to the contest. Stay tuned…

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8 Responses to Coming Distractions

  1. Speaking of distractions, I need to know if any of these stories I read in Nevada County Scooper are true:

    –You could get into the fair free on Sunday if you had a tatoo;

    –A person under 30 was spotted working in the Tea Party booth at the fair;

    –R.L. Crabb is alive.

  2. The fact that some people actually believed the tatoo story goes a long way in explaining why some people still take Pelline seriously. As Jeffy would say, po-dunk.

  3. Brad C. says:

    Police blotter is also entertaining,

    4:12 p.m. — A woman from Laurel Lane reported a woman was threatening her and leaves food out on purpose to attract moths.

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